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    Furry Friend And Your Home: Are They Compatible?

    If you live in an apartment, house, or flat and are searching for a dog breed that will easily mingle into your house and make it his home, then don’t worry our Dog Expert “Dog” is here to help you out. Be it a German Shepherd or a Pug, our Dog Expert is familiar with all the dog breeds. Why? Because he himself is a dog. 

    Dogs make for the best-friend you lost in 8th grade, due to a girl. They will understand you like no other and will give you free cuddles. Bonus point, they won’t leave you, ever. 

    So, let’s check out which are the best breeds according to our expert.

    1. German Shepherd

    Originally bred in Germany for herding, the German Shepherd is known for its courage, loyalty, and guarding instincts. Usually, they are shy at first but, but once they become friends, they are extremely loyal. An easy-going and approachable breed can become strong and protective when threatened, thus making themselves the best guarding dogs. If you have a kid, then adopt a Shepherd right now. 

    1. Beagle

    Originally known for their hunting skills, most Beagles nowadays are friendly house pets. With a temperament that is notorious and friendly, Beagle’s make themselves as even-tempered pets. They are of medium energy and have a strong build. Be in for giving your heart a treat, because their puppy-eyes are surely going to melt your heart. 

    1. Pug

    Remember the vodafone dog? Yes, it’s him.

    Described as “even-tempered and charming”, a pug is going to woo even your neighbor’s heart because of it’s composed nature. They are very intelligent and willful, which can sometimes make the training process a little difficult(treats and belly rub help in this case). 

    Generally, of small size, pugs are the best for apartment living.

    1. Golden Retriever

    Even-tempered, affectionate, playful, gentle, and intelligent Golden Retriever is the most common breed to be adopted in India. If you have a child or are going to be a parent soon, then this breed will help you in being the cuddle buddy of the kid. They require lots of love, cuddles, pets, and general training. 

    1. Spitz

    Often confused with Samoyeds or Pomerians, Indian Spitz is a breed that is suitable for Indian conditions. One of the most intelligent dog breeds, Spitz can thrive happily in both small housing and large farmhouses. The Spitz is not difficult to train and is obedient, alert, and vocal. (No, it won’t start speaking your language, it will just inform you when it feels a threat is near)

    1. Bulldog

    Needing only moderate exercise, a Bulldog is predictable, dependable, and gets along with children. Their small snout can’t breathe in hot air, thus need air-conditioned rooms for thriving happily. They might be the only species whose wrinkles are acceptable and even loved but don’t forget to wipe their face to prevent skin infections. 

    1. Dachshund

    Bred for hunting, Dachshund’s might display that behavior while training. Don’t start panicking, just be patient, firm, and consistent with them. They are intelligent, independent, and playful. But might get aggressive when not having their way.

    1. Dalmatian

    The spotted dogs are highly energetic, playful, and sensitive. They are a breed of loyal puppies, but the breed might be too energetic for small children. If you have a kiddo of 8 years or above, then Dalmatians are your best companion. They are intelligent and can be made into the best watch-dogs.


    1. Shih tzu

    These dogs were originally bred for royalty in China, but with their cute eyes and small stature, they have found a home in almost every dog lover’s heart. A playful and mischievous breed, they are the best -in-your-lap kind of dog (keep them in your lap, or they might steal your shoes). Their purpose for life is to love and be loved. 

    1. Border Collie

    Somewhat reserved with strangers, Border Collies are highly intelligent, highly trainable, and can function all the canine activities such as herding, obedience, and are agile. They go along well with well-mannered children and older individuals. Get ready to have someone with unlimited energy and stamina with a Collie in your home. 

    Have you decided which friend of our Dog you are adopting or do you need more help?


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