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    Dog Grooming Hacks For Pet Parents

    The Dog lives happily in our Indifamily. How? We care for him. Bringing a pet home could’ve been the easiest task for you, but now looking at their hair everywhere and increased expenses of grooming are making you frustrated. But no, don’t even think of giving up your doggo, he loves you right and you love him too. So, from the books of our Doggo Tips, we have shared with you some amazing grooming hacks which are easy on the pocket and pet-friendly too!

    1. Brush Before Bathe

    Even you brush your hair before a head wash to prevent excessive tangling, then why not do the same with your doggo? You can brush your pups’ hair before bathing to detangle the hair, have an easier, and quicker bathing experience, and cut out the matted hair even before making it wet. 

    1. Make Your Shampoo

    Doggie shampoo is expensive and you don’t even know whether it’s good for your furry friend. A great tip, you just need three ingredients to make your shampoo. 

    Two cups of warm water, 1/2 cup of white vinegar, and 1/4 cup of Dawn dish soap, and you’re set. Just a shake a little and you will be able to see the bubbles. 

    1. Cornstarch Can Be Used As A Dry Shampoo And Fur Whitener

    Cornstarch works miracles on doggies. You can provide your pup with some dry cornstarch shampoo to tame their greasiness. 

    Also, sprinkle cornstarch on your puppies fur and brush it out. See instant fur whitening and glow. But, this tip only works for the fur coats which are already white. 

    1. Have Non-Slip Bath Tub Mats Handy

    Washing your dog in the bathtub? Then you must have slipped once or your dog might have slipped innumerous times. Non-slip bathtubs are your solution. Plus, they are inexpensive and easy to apply. A happy and safe puppy means a happy and safe you. Vice versa. 

    1. Give Your Doggo Some Oils

    Salmon oil is best known to give your friend a shiny and healthy coat in no time. Plus point, it improves your dog’s overall health. Add a few drops on the daily kibble or even on the chew toy and see the results 🙂

    1. Give Your Dog Doses Of Coconut Oil

    Those rough paw pads or scaly nose is now causing stress? Don’t worry, Coconut oil can serve as your miracle. Not only does it prevent roughness and patchiness, healing it eventually  but is also good in taste. Means no pain and only gain. 

    1. Use Rubber Gloves To Remove Hair

    If you think that dog vacuums are expensive and you don’t have the resources to spend on it right now, don’t worry we have it sorted. Use those rubber gloves stored in your kitchen to remove those pesky hair. 

    Just put them on, run a little water over them, and dab on the furniture from where you want to remove the hair. Now you have a ball of fluff in your hand. 

    1. Baby Wipes

    Your dogs are babies too, thus baby wipes work wonders on them. Keep a packet in your purse when out for a walk to remove the unwanted dirt and mud from their paws without much irritation. 

    Now, you are all sorted to treat your dog with much more love and care :))


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