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    Become Rich In College

    Saving your pocket money might be a good source of money in school life, but once you enter college you need a little extra amount of money. Starting off with a job with just a class 12th degree is challenging in today’s time. To help you out with earning money and becoming independent in college, we have Indi onboard. He is the college life expert of our Indifamily. 

    Those drinks at Starbucks and the extra cheesy pizza might be good for your tastebuds but it is a burden on your pocket. Go and have these three times a month and you have emptied for a pocket for the rest of the month. Now, you’ll most probably ask for money from your parents or borrow from your friends, but why do so if you can earn by yourself and become independent?

    Here are the tips from Indi’s College Diary to get your pocket heavy

    1. Start working part time

    It might be a growing concept in India, but yes, you can do a part-time or WFH job. You can get a job in restaurants or work on your skills and become a content writer, graphic designer, digital marketer, social media expert at a young age. Just convince your parents that it’s to gain experience and you are good to go. Also, if you work at a restaurant, you get discounted food.

    1. Become A Tutor

    Indian parents have the tendency to get their child enrolled in tutelages at an early age. Use this fact to earn, get yourself registered at some online tutoring agency, which pays and start the work. You can also give classes to your juniors or neighbourhood kids at a price slight;y lower than professionals. 

    1. Look For Internships

    There are many companies that only hire interns to get their work done. Find them and work for the ones which are paying you a good amount and match your skills. This can also increase your experience of years in your resume. Even your college might have a placement society get in touch with them. 

    1. Become an Influencer

    The easiest way to earn money and goodies at this age is to become an influencer. There is an increased demand for nano-influencers in the market so don’t worry if you don’t have 5k followers. You can just register yourself as a nano-influencer and enjoy the discounted price and goodies.

    1. Become a part of Psychological Experiments

    More often than not, psychology majors are involved in doing research work for which they need samples. These samples are generated by living individuals like you and sometimes they even pay a small amount of money to fill up their forms. Check out those 

    researches which need a large data-base, because they usually provide money.

    1. Teach An Instrument

    Put your skills to use and start earning by teaching to toddlers whose parents want them to learn an instrument. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play any instrument there are various lessons on YouTube. Learn from it and earn from it.

    These small tips work wonders if you want to be financially independent and gain experience in your work life. 


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