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    Indie Bands And Singers Who Should Be In Your Playlist

    Indian music scenes have been majorly dominated by Bollywood and there’s no denying it. Ask someone what’s their favorite and it will either be some foreign band or a Bollywood number. But there are Indie Indian Bands And Singers which are slowly making their name in the heart of many. Choti being the Music Guru suggests that you should listen to them once, you will eventually fall in love with them. And no, no, no, their lyrics are not only Hindi but Urdu and English too. 

    So, let’s check out these Indian Bands And Singers who you should listen to.

    1. Prateek Kuhad

    An angelic voice that is surely going to soothe your nerves. He had been known for years in the country, but his major break was in 2019 when he was featured in former United States President Barack Obama’s “favorite music list of 2019”. He also became the most-streamed artist on Spotify in the same year.

    Listen to his 

    His voice sounds like someone telling you it will be okay. 

    1. The Local Train

    Based in Delhi, the band was formed in 2008 and is not limited to only one music genre. They have now more than a million views on each song and many followers on Spotify. Most comfortable in Hindi and Urdu their vocals and music will echo through your heart. 

    Listen to their:

    1. Anuv Jain

    Haule se, dheeme se Anuv Jain will make his place in your heart. With his raw voice, he opened his YouTube channel in 2012. His vocals and beats will surely remind you of that past lover you are trying to forget. (Don’t blame us, we warned you)

    Listen to his: 

    1. The Yellow Diary

    With just six songs in total, they have already made their name in the Indian Music Industry. Their first EP was “Marz” which was released in 2017. The second EP named “Izafa” showed the advancement of the band in half a decade. 

    Listen to their:

    1. Piyush Bhisekar

    His 2018 debut EP, “Hai Bharosa” was nominated for Independent Music Awards 2019 in the quality ‘World EP’ category. His voice is like petrichor and those lyrics will make you remember your mother’s lap. 

    Listen to his: 

    1. Parvaaz

    Came into being in 2010, Parvaaz mostly vocals in Urdu, Hindi, and Kashmiri. Their genre is rock music fused with Indian. 

    Listen to their:


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