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    Comedians Who Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

    With everyone packed in their homes and no source of entertainment, our lives have become monotonous because of the pandemic. To avoid getting frustrated with small things and keep our minds fresh, we should check out some comedy movies or stand up comedians. These comedians will surely give you a dopamine shot if you start following them.

    1. Zakir Khan 

    The representative of the ‘Sakht Launda’ community, Zakir Khan rose to fame in 2012 after winning Comedy Central’s India’s 3rd Best Stand Up Comedian competition. He is now a well-known comedian, writer, presenter, and actor. His best works are ‘Haq Se Single’ and ‘Kaksha Gyarvi’, both can be found on Amazon Prime.

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    2. Atul Khatri

    Famous as ‘Abdul Khatri’, Atul Khatri was the winner of the CEO’s Got Talent” Season 1. He is the only Indian Comedian to perform at the Hong Kong International Comedy Festival. One of the 40+ age comedians, but his Business instinct mixed with punch-lines and a little sarcasm makes him one of the most loved stand-up comedians. You can check out his work in “The Happiest Ending” which is available on Netflix. 

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    3. Vir Das

    Starring in movies like Delhi Belly and Go Goa Gone, meanwhile giving us doses of laughter with his work in Hasmukh(Netflix) and a lot of other stand-ups, Vir Das definitely knows how to be a stand up-comedian-turned-actor-turned-vampire-at-night. He isn’t someone who’s afraid of talking about politics and gender. Check him out on his social media pages to know how he handles trolls and rather make them his source of entertainment. 

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    4. Abhishek Upamanyu

    Having a tattoo of the name of your favorite dish, written in your own handwriting is something only Abhishek Upamanyu can do. An engineer by studies, he started as a writer of ‘On Air With AIB’ in 2015. He has a Youtube Channel with more than 2 million subscribers. Check him out right now because of Yahi Baatein To Baad Mei Yaad Aaengi.

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    5. Urooj Ashfaq

    In her words, she makes jokes because she is not smart enough to be an astronaut. Well, we think making someone laugh requires more smartness. A finalist of Queens of Comedy, Urooj has proven with her wit and punch lines that you need not win to be loved by the audience.

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