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    10 awesome pet-friendly restaurants that you should choose to have a date with your pet.

    We know, how it feels to go for a family outing without your pet but Do you know that we have so many awesome pet-friendly restaurants that will offer you delicious food without the sacrifice to keep your pet alone at home. From cafes that have special treats for pets on their menu to venues that create a classy experience that is perfect for hoomans,  puppers, catos, and doggos, here’s a list of the best pet-friendly cafes and restaurants in India that you’d love to visit!

    1 Puppychino Cafe, New Delhi – 

    Puppychino is a cute little dog-friendly cafe that is located in Shahpur Jat. Being Delhi’s first dog cafe, there is a lot that you could expect from this place. This cafe welcomes dogs, other pets, and offers an extensive menu which is perfect for you and for your pet. Apart from the dining area, they also have a separate space where you could play with them. They even have boarding and spa facilities for your little one too. That’s what we call Ultimate Fun!! Right!

    2 Bagel Shop, Mumbai

    Tucked away in a hidden corner of Carter Road, Bagel Shop is a quaint cafe in Bandra. You can try some freshly made bagel sandwiches here using multi-grain and whole wheat flour. They also have a range of delicious food and to add to the charm, you can bring along your pooch to play with other pets in an open patio.

    3. ThurPup, Bangalore

    At TherPup, the dog cafe, you can take your pet dogs along and let them have a wonderful meal of their own while you enjoy your own delicacies from the cafe kitchen. Also, dog lovers who don’t have pet dogs of their own can as well walk here and have a wonderful time with the dogs. There are eight dogs owned by the dog cafe itself.

    4.  Throttle Shrottle, Delhi 

    If the two things that you treasure the most in your life are the love for riding and unconditional love for your pet, Throttle Shrottle should feature in your must-visit food bucket list for more reasons than one that excites you is that the eatery is open 24/7 and the rustic interiors will charm any weary rider, no matter the time of the day, as it gives you a place to replenish your energy ride off into the sunset again. Being the only pet-friendly cafe with a pool of its own, this place now makes sure your dogs get the pampering they deserve. 

    5. Craveyard Cafe, Chennai

    This is another pet-friendly cafe where you can take your pets for dates. They also have dog socialization sessions and other interesting events. Craveyard Cafe is also known for its great food at reasonable prices. It is cozy and homelike.

    6.  Cafe des Arts, Pondicherry

    This antique-art inspired cafe was a villa before it was modified. Head to the cafe for a day out with your furry friend, and enjoy a sunny breakfast with their fresh ingredients and a homely touch that the charming eatery provides. 

     7. Sunny’s, Bengaluru-

    The restaurant is itself names after the owner’s own golden retriever, so naturally, the restaurant is a pet lover’s paradise! This multi-space restaurant has a small little garden where your pets can be pets! The food is tantalizing and offers multiple cuisines like European, Continental, Seafood, and Italian. 

    8. Spoonful of sugar, Bengaluru

     This cute little dessert place is a treat for you and your pets. Not only if this quaint little patisserie the best place where you can enjoy a rich and delicious Nutella Cheesecake but it also prepares goodies for your pets. Their special menu for pets includes liver pâté, savory crackers, dwaffles (yes, doggie waffles!) & the upside-down shepherd Dog’s pie amongst many other things!

    9.  Doolally Taproom, Mumbai

    Beer and canine lovers unite! Known for its delicious selection of beers, Doolally has several outlets in Mumbai and they’re all for you getting your pets along! Apart from fantastic food and games such as Jenga and Cards Against Humanity, the taproom also has workshops and fun trivia nights that you can be a part of. 

    10. Off the leash cafe, Delhi

    If you’re looking to treat your pet to a fun and playful experience with delectable food, drop everything and head to Off The Leash right away! Located on the outskirts of the city, Off The Leash includes a small pool, open green space, and tons of activities to keep your furry friend busy. Laze about while your dog interacts with other furry friends, savor the selection of snacks offered, or explore the cafe’s pretty surroundings with your pet.  

    so, go on and have fun with your cute little friend and let a day well spent. Wishing you all the happiness and good health.


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