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    Home Plants Which You Can Forget About

    Are you planning to get some fresh air in your home? The best way is to get a few indoor plants. Home Plants are referred to as those plants which don’t require much care and can thrive healthily without much sunlight and water. 

    Now, imagine a plant which takes minimal amount of your attention and provides you with fresh air. Also, indoor house plants make your home look aesthetic and fun. Wondering which are the plants for indoor? Don’t worry, Mummy is here to help you out. First let’s see where you can get the plants? They can be available at your nearest nursery or you can buy them from amazon too. Secondly, think whether you want to buy the seeds or a grown plant. Buying the seeds require a little extra effort and more time. Lastly, see which plant suits your house.

    The best home plants are 

    1. Aloe

    Also known as Aloe Vera, a succulent plant species has many medicinal uses too. The plant is either stemless or has a very short stem, making it better to keep in places that are cramped. The plant doesn’t need direct sunlight, it might even get damaged because of it. Find a place with bright, indirect sunlight and water it once in 3 weeks. The gel of aloe can be used for various medicinal purposes.

    1. Snake Plant

    Also known as Mother-in-laws tongue because of its hard and spiky leaves, have become increasingly popular. While choosing a snake plant, go for the ones with dark green leaves, if you find that the leaves are pale or yellowish then they might be already havering. Keep them in any lighting condition and forget about them. You don’t have to water the plant daily or even weekly. But don’t forget your mother-in-law like this or she will keep on taunting you for the rest of her life.

    1. ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

    An easy to grow and eye pleasing plant which can grow upto 3 feet indoors. It requires little amount of water and indirect or no sunlight. It can also thrive in fluorescent light. Go away on a 2 week long vacation without the fear of any damage to your plant.

    Pet Parents beware,  are poisonous to cats and dogs.

    1. Chinese Money Plant

    A small succulent plant with round leaves, Chinese Money Plant makes up for the best tabletop. Requiring minimum sunlight and water, the plant provides oxygen to a radius of 10 m2. Also, it is a money plant even though Chinese, it will provide you with good luck and maybe even lots of money.

    1. Bromeliad

    A colorful house plant, Bromeliad is sure to give your monochromatic house a kick of colors. The plant should be kept in indirect but bright sunlight, with optimal humidity and airing around the plant. Change the soil sparingly and make sure that the plant is moist and not soggy.


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