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    Your Online Website Design Sorted

    Are you planning to take your business online? Or do you already have a website for your business but aren’t getting much attention from the audience? Don’t worry Indi Tech Baba has it all sorted. 

    Most of the time the reason why a company isn’t able to increase its conversion rate is because of inefficient website layout. Consider yourself as a future customer. You search for the keyword and there are top 10 websites that pop up on your results page. You click on one of those and are unable to figure out what that website is about, on the other hand, you click on a different website, see that everything is sorted, quickly navigate through the site and make your purchase. 

    Think that you might now need some assistance regarding designing your website? Then let’s get ahead.

    Or imagine your website as your store, do you keep your store sorted for efficient use or messy so that the customer gets confused?

    The key areas to focus on while increasing your sale through an E-commerce website are to:- 

    1. Make your website user-friendly

    Keep everything sorted. The user should know where to head to when he lands on your homepage. Your home page should have some key features such as a small description of your site, contact details, and the services that you provide. You can make your website interactive by using hyperlinks so that each and every service of yours gets equal attention. 

    1. Don’t design your website like a painter’s canvas 

    Don’t get scared of keeping your website minimalistic. The user often gets distracted due to the stand-out colorful design and navigates its way to another site making you lose your potential customer.

    1. Make the checkout process simple

    The customer should easily make the payment without getting into a lengthy checkout process. Just ask your customer to provide the necessary details and be done. Also, make your customer believe that his bank account details are secure when making the payment. 

    1. Use the right content 

    Your product description should be exact, don’t use flowery language or write an essay about your product. Your potential customer should get the essence of what you are trying to say in a limited amount of words. Remember, most of the people using the internet for shopping are not patient enough to read through two pages of the product description.

    1. Add Social Media Links to your website

    Adding a social media link makes it believable for the customer that the website and company are trustworthy and real. Bonus point, your potential customer might start following you on social media and be updated about your new services, sometimes even trying it out.

    1. Add Reviews of Previous Customers

    Your potential customer is going to believe the customer reviews more than the product description that you are presenting to him. 

    In the end, be true to your audience. Remember if you want active conversion numbers, these areas are the best to work on. 


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