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    Best and fastest ways to make money in India

    Have you ever wondered why today’s people are suddenly becoming a ‘Richie-rich’ on their own and wondering what they are doing? Well, there are many easy and fast ways to make money in India that will; take only a quarter of your daily timespan, amazing na, by now you might be lost in imaginations of being called an ‘amir log’ by your friends and can go to shopping at your favorite brand without many compromises.

     But, let me clear, every person is different in skills and dedication, so the outcomes of the tips can also be different. Indie is very good at these skills of how to make more money, thus we call him “jugadu Indi”. Here are some of the simple tips to make money in India.Become a freelancer– keep in mind what skills you have got and are working on, many companies want good workforce and hiring freelancers for different tasks, like copywriting, content writing, graphic designing, auditing etc.the best part of freelancing is that there is no boundation on you( except deadline) and you can work on more than one task to make more money. People are freelancing and making six-digit salaries per month. So, what is your skill? 


    there are many people who are making good business by blogging because of the growing attention of online audiences. You can start as a blogger by zero investment from free sites or purchase your own domain if you know how to write a good blog. The most trending topics to write a blog are travel, food, fashion, and health. 

    2. Youtube channel

    Youtube is the most trending social media platform where you can upload, almost everything and can earn good money once your channel becomes popular. You just need to sing into a youtube channel and fill details like what is your channel about and all, then you are good to go. 

    3. Influencers

    Social media influencers are those who put regular content about some particular niche/ topic and are having good followers. Companies pay these influencers a certain amount of money to promote their brand on their page. This is the most trending topic in today’s generations and many are doing great. It’s just like doing ‘Ratnagiri’ over social media and getting paid. 

    4. Become an online seller

    If you already have a business, you must try over online selling your products on popular websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. This will help in your branding and will provide greater reach to your product, all you need to do is, to ensure quality. 

    5. Multi-level-Marketing/ Network Marketing

    There are a lot of companies shifting to network marketing. You need to buy a certain amount of product to start making your own network, whenever anybody in your network buys something or sells something, you get your commission. You may be shocked if I tell you that there are people who have become a millionaire by doing network marketing in a short period of lime-like eight months. I was shocked too, but it is damn true!!

    6. Website incentives

    There are many websites that provide many incentives to their customers like vouchers and redeemable coupons. There are websites that pay you actual money for small tasks like taking part in surveys, testing a product, surfing over the internet, solving captcha codes, etc. websites like Swagbucks and inbox dollars can be helpful. 

    7. Teach something

    Being a kid or an adult, nowadays everyone wants to learn something. Be a tutor to school students or teach anything online, even cooking and earn money through your class registration. You can teach dance, music ad craft too or any other skills like speaking skills and marketing skills too.

    These were the best and easiest ways of making money online from the ideas of ‘Jugadu Indi’ that would help you to become ‘Maalamaal Weekly  hope this would be helpful. Wishing you all the happiness and good health. 


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