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    Must-Have Social Networking Apps In Your Phones

    You might not know but our Dadi loves using Snapchat and is very vocal about her love for social networking apps. Even if she doesn’t use the others as much as Snapchat, she knows which apps have what features and how should one use them. 

    Social Media is not very new, but there are many people who still use the web version of these platforms. What they are missing out on our easy to use apps that provide many extra benefits. You can also use the apps for your business marketing, but no worries if you don’t want to. So, want to know which apps you should download according to Dadi? Take a look

    1. Snapchat

    Well, obviously, the favorite app of Dadi. Snapchat is an overrated and extremely popular private messaging app. The special feature which makes Snapchat different from the others is it’s disappearing messages feature. Yes, once opened the message and snap will disappear forever. 


    Download Snapchat For Android

    Download Snapchat For iPhone

    1. Whatsapp Messenger

    A messaging app that has more users than any other app. It allows you to send messages, share photos, videos, live location, update status, and make voice and video calls over the internet. Also, you can access Whatsapp on your PC with the help of Whatsapp Web. 


    Download Whatsapp For Android

    Download Whatsapp For iPhone

    1. Twitter

    One of the apps which are heavily populated with vocal individuals who tweet about real-time updates. You can connect with famous celebrities and use unique hashtags to reach out to the correct audience. You can share photos, videos, and Gifs at it too. 


    Download Twitter For Android

    Download Twitter For iPhone

    1. Linkedin

    If you are a professional who wants to look for a better career opportunity, this app is for you. Not your basic Social Networking platform, Linkedin provides you with features such as reaching out to a professional of your field, making valuable connections, participating in effective conversations, and posting and searching jobs here. 


    Download Linkedin For Android

    Download Linkedin For iPhone

    1. Instagram

    It rules over the mobiles for being the best image sharing app. It also provides a Direct Messaging feature and lets you video call your friend over the internet. Also, the filters and story status is recommendable. It’s an app which will make you it’s addict. 


    Download Instagram For Android

    Download Instagram For iPhone

    1. Pinterest

    You most probably created an account here when you were a teenager. Here you can find creative ideas of your interest and like them and pin them to your wall very easily. A popular means for marketers to grow their e-commerce reach. 


    Download Pinterest For Android

    Download Pinterest For iPhone

    Go ahead and download these apps, make the most of your life. 


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