Tuesday, December 5, 2023

    7 workplace life hacks which can save your life!

    It happens with everyone. The simplest of things are made difficult to the point where it’s just bearable. So, let’s go on a lifehacks spree to save ourselves from the mishappenings in office. These life hacks are the most helpful and compiled by our Jugaadu Indi. 

    1. Coffee spills on computer

    You are too cautious with your cup of coffee, you don’t want to waste your precious beverage again on the keyboard. But, it happens, just when you get engrossed in work, the cup either slips from your hand or is attacked by your hand. And that’s it, in a blink of an eye you have again spilled your coffee on your keyboard. 

    Don’t panic, remove your computer from the power source and blot it clean with tissues. If there was too much liquid, then go to do the repair person.

    Hack: Use a mug with a lid or plastic keyboard cover.

    1. Prevent Unwanted Acne

    Do you even know how many times you touch your keyboard and then your face? Infinite times. And now you are left acne on your sensitive skin because of the invisible-to-the-naked eyes germs. 

    Hack: Use a keyboard cleaner brush and solution to first wipe off the unwanted dust and germs from your electronics. Now you are good to go

    1. The 20-20-20 rule

    You keep on staring at the screen for long hours, thus, you are left with a headache and weaker eyes. The strain from your computer screen is the reason.

    Hack: Make a rule, to look away from your computer screen every 20 minutes. To a place which is 20 feet away for 20 seconds. 

    1. Unwanted Talks With Colleagues

    It always happens, you have your earphones plugged in. You are completely engrossed in your work and suddenly one of your co-workers hits you up with their nonchalant talks. Now, you are stuck for 20 minutes. 

    Hack: Keep a mirror at your desk. You can now see which colleague is coming at your desk and either increase your typing speed to show that you are working too hard or just take a washroom break to avoid them.

    1. Those groggy days

    You wake up and are feeling tired, even then you go to the office because you can’t take leave. Now you are irritated and tired. You drink coffee and now you are angry too. Your whole day just wasted. 

    Hack: Before drinking mugs of coffee try these. Splash cold water at your face. 

    1. Look good without your toiletries

    Sitting in a certain place can become sweaty and now you are irritated. You look inside your bag to find out that you forgot to bring tissues. Now you are stuck with a sweaty face for the whole day. 

    Hack: Use coffee filters to blot away any excess oil on your face. 

    1. Running late and getting on Everyone’s Nerves

    It’s the most important day in your office. You were supposed to reach by 9:00 a.m.but you woke at 8:40 a.m. and now definitely you will be late, thanks to the additional traffic at work hours. The whole office will be mad at you now. 

    Hack: Either wake up on time or get coffee or donuts for each of your colleagues. Everyone will be mad at you for a little while until they see what you bought along. 

    Okay, so Jugaadu Indi hopes that you will now get your workplace life together with these hacks. Now he gotta run to get coffee for everyone in his office because he is late again. 


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