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    Taking care of your mental health

    Everything is fast-paced nowadays. We run so hard behind the success that sometimes we forget what we actually need that success for. An additional burden of looking happy every time takes a toll on an individual’s mental health. Here, I am, Dadi of Indifamily to give you tips on how to maintain a healthy Mental Health. 

    When we were young, we used to have a small friend circle. The biggest achievement of our life used to be getting married to someone who has a good social status. With the rapidly increasing use of social media in today’s generation, the way they define happiness has changed. Kids now attach their happiness to materialistic things, they look at the picture-perfect life of their friends on Instagram and think why can’t I have a life similar to that? They forget that it’s just a social media platform. People assign tags to themselves as a skinny, fat, failure, nerd, and everything that can cause a deep impact on someone’s life. 

    But, there are ways which you can adopt in your life and shut out the bad vibes. Most people fail to find these ways, so I am compiling a list that will help you in the long run.

    1. Eat Well

    We have been asked to eat a balanced diet since time immemorial. Normally one would think that it’s for physical health but no, your eating habits play a major deciding factor for your mood too. Low intake of Vitamin B12 and Iron results in a gloomy mood. Also, limit your caffeine intake as it has been researched that caffeine makes individuals anxious and jittery.

    1. Sleep Well

    Those late-night chats with that person are not going to turn out good. Or, the project which requires you to lose your sleep, leave it right now. You might feel accomplished after talking to that person, completing that project or series, but you don’t know that it affects the secretion of melatonin in your body. In the long run, it affects your mood making you feel either too excited or too low. 

    1. Get Sunlight

    I know that you are not a plant that requires sunlight to do photosynthesis, but yes, your body does require sunlight for absorbing Vitamin D. Normal amounts of Vitamin D helps in the release of endorphins and serotonin, which are known as the happy hormone. Not only this, but Vitamin D also promotes the growth of healthy skin and eyes. So take a break between your desk hours and just go outside.

    1. Do Activity and Exercise

    Exercise helps in getting that perfect body according to you. A perfect body gives you immunity to fight off diseases and also negative comments from people. Maybe, this reason is enough?

    1. Talk to others

    Don’t worry if you end up oversharing with your friends and regret it. Normally, it happens to all of us. But the wrong point is keeping everything inside of you. Agar Cheezein Dil Mein Daba Kar Rakhoge To Wo Tumhe Khokhla Kr Dengi(If you keep things inside your chest, it will eat you out.) So, call up that person you call your bestfriend or just go to your parents and tell them everything. Parents might not understand what you are feeling, but they will surely help you out.

    1. Do Not Drink, Smoke or do drugs

    “Smoking can cause cancer. Drinks affect your lungs and drugs affect your whole immune system” this is a line which we all grew up with. But they forgot to tell you the psychological effects of the same. A drink or two will let you feel all boozed up till midnight, but the next day you are going to wake up with lower levels of concentration and a severe headache. Prolonged use of drinks affects Thiamine secretion which is essential for brain working.

    Drugs on the other hand, have a history of causing schizophrenia and hallucinations.

    1. Do not neglect Stress

    Stress is the underlying cause of many other problems. It hampers your thinking and your work skills are affected because of it. If you feel overemotional or burdened the reason might be stress. Do not think that you can cope with it after some time. Stress is a situation that requires immediate attention. Break down all your problems to small 

    fragments and you will see your life summing up.

    1. Ask For Help

    If you ever feel sad or lost, reach out to your close ones. Tell them how you are feeling and it’s guaranteed that they will help you out.

    Dadi hopes that you have a great journey in your life, filled with positivity and happiness.


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