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    Romance Novels To Give Your Heart A Treat

    Are you someone who loves reading? Or are you someone who likes romance? Or do you just want to read to get through the boring days? If yes, then in this massive deluge of books, how do you puzzle out which ones you should read and the ones you can skip? While we can’t help you with all the books you should not read, Choti from Indifamily will let you know which are the romance novels that you shouldn’t skip.

    Romance and love aren’t so easy. And not every time you will fall for the right person. These best picks from Choti ki Library depict that.

    1. Pride And Prejudice

    Written by Jane Austen in 1813, the story stands out because of its fresh idea which was revolting at that time. The story unfolds Mr. Bennet and Mrs. Bennet’s search for a good, socially acceptable groom for their five girls. With a lot of hardships and misunderstandings, Elizabeth is able to change her parent’s opinion of marrying for money and social status. In conclusion, her parents are seen as two happy individuals who accepted their daughter’s choice of marrying for love.  

    1. The Fault In Our Stars

    A well-acclaimed novel, The Fault In Our Stars was written by John Green and depicts the journey of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. The two stars crossed lovers suffer from cancer and try to make their small-time together an infinity which is enough to melt your heart. With its witty lines and layered characters, I am sure that you will fall for both the characters.  

    Reading Tip: keep a handkerchief handy. 

    1. The Notebook

    Written in just 6 months by Nicholas Sparks, this novel covers the 60-year journey of Noah and Allie. If you like traditional a-boy-meets-a-girl-and-gets-separated-because-of-family, then this should be your go-to pick. Don’t worry Noah and Allie will have a happy ending. A summer romance which spans 6 decades, seems interesting, no?

    1. Me Before You

    Jojo Moyes gives life to her protagonists, Louisa Clark and Will Traynor. With her quick wit and quirky personality Louisa will surely make a place for herself in your heart. On the other hand, Will’s sarcasm and maturity make him the right pick for Louisa. But life isn’t so easy, right? Read this novel to feel their journey, their joy, and their heartbreak.

    1. The Boy Who Loved

    Set in the backdrop of Delhi, Raghu Ganguly is guilt-stricken and broken. He keeps up a facade in front of everyone, showing himself as a regular, happy, loving schoolboy, but deep down he harbors a secret about his friend. The female protagonist is Brahmi, someone equally broken as Raghu. Read this novel, to know their unconventional journey.

    With extremely well written characters and plots, these novels have been suggested to be the best ones by Choti. Also, Choti will suggest you not to think that someone so perfect like Louisa Clark or Augustus Waters will exist in real life. 


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