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    Most Downloaded Multiplayer Game in India

    Indi has devoured more than half of his time in playing games with his friends on his phone. There are now plenty of multiplayer games available at your app store. And these are made for you to have fun with your friends even if you are miles apart. And India, saw an increase in the download of multiplayer games on various devices during the lockdown. From bringing friends closer to keeping everyone safe, these games have helped a lot. So, being the techie, Indi decided to check out the most downloaded games on phones during the lockdown. 

    1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds- Mobile

    Price: Free To Play

    Working pretty well on most updated devices, PUBG Mobile has become the nightmare of many parents. But it is loved by all the gamers. You are dropped on an island with 99 players, the last person standing gets “Chicken Dinner.” The border area slowly restricts so, if you step out of the border you are out of the game. All kinds of guns and equipment are found on the island to help you to win. 

    1. Psych

    Price: Free To Play

    You need just 3 friends to play this game. A bluff game basically, you have to choose from a variety of categories like WordUp or Movie Bluff. Choose the answer which you think your friend has given as the correct one and win. And make sure your friends can’t get the right answer. 

    1. Fortnite

    Price: Free To Play

    Similar to PUBG, with 100 players in a single game, Fortnite ups the players in solo, duo or four- player squads to see who can survive the longest. A little cartoonish, it has pretty good graphics and can be your next stop after playing PUBG. 

    1. Call Of Duty

    Price: Free To Play

    An Online FPS game, COD hosts a variety of multiplayer modes. The modes can be a 100 person royale battle, like PUBG and Fortnite or Call of Duty Death Matches. You have to collect famous people from the gaming series and customize them with various skins, guns and gears. This is paid. 

    1. Ludo King

    One of India’s favourite Indoor games has been Ludo. Playing it with friends and family has been our famous time pass. So, it is obvious that it will garner huge success if made into an app. And also that app which is a multiplayer game. Ludo King is your complete Ludo experience with friends and family who live far away. Also, it has an inbuilt chat box for you to talk to the players in the game. 

    ludo king

    Download these games and make the most of your free time 🙂


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