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    The Cutest Pets Of Instagram That Will Make You Want To Adopt One RIGHT NOW!

    Instagram is full of selfies, happy people, parting people, and even shoes. But these Selfies, food porn, and sunset pics are nice to look at on occasion, but they definitely grow old after years of scrolling the app. What one simply cannot tire of, however, are photos of delightfully playful, furry, friendly-looking pets that would make to obsess and you would want to adopt one right now!

    Indi loves animals and here are some Instagram accounts from his feed that would make your day ‘Cuter’.

    1    Sam, the cat with eyebrows

    Cats are good and cute, but cats with expressive little eyebrows that make them look like they just committed a light crime are simply better. Sam is known for its black little eyebrows on white fur that would definitely make you Awww!!

       2   Popeye the Foodie

    If you love food, great fashion, and adorable fluffy pups with swinging ears, you should see popeye once and you would never regret it, he is a Former stray LA pup who travels and dines at mostly pet-friendly restaurants. His cute expression would make you laugh and adore at the same time. 

       3 Bertram the Pomeranian

    Bertram is a chocolate Pomeranian who was adopted from an Oklahoma shelter. Bertram, who looks like little a baby brown bear, now lives in New York and works at an art gallery and is famous for its classy looks. Fancy! 

     4   Henry and Baloo

    Henry the dog and Baloo the cat are two inseparable rescues who love exploring, napping together, eating together, and doing essentially any other best friend activities you can imagine with lots of fun and adventure. It would definitely want you to tag your best friends 😉

     5 Maya the Samoyed

    Maya has a beautiful fluffy white coat, kind eyes, and a real zest for life. Don’t you think? Its insta posts are full of funny pictures which could be said  ‘meme-type’ which would never fail to catch your eyes and leave a smile on your face. 🙂

    6  Norbert the dog

    This small therapy dog is known for his lovable face, droopy tongue, and love of high-fives with cutest expressions ever will make you stick to his page. As Norbert’s bio says, “Welcome to the Norberthood.” this cute little person will make you urge to hold him through his every face. 

    7 Suki the Cat

    Suki is another adventurous, globe-trotting cat with gorgeous eyes and breathtaking Instagram photos. Its love to adventure and exploring new places will make you go for an outing with your little friend with you, or at least you can have one more point added to your “ things to do before you die” list. 

    8 Chiweenie named Tuna

    Tuna the Chiweenie (a mixed-breed cross between a Chihuahua and dachshund) is known for loving life and having beautiful teeth which automatically make his photos funny. Have a look. It’s Instagram bio says, If you could use a little bit of joy & laughter, you’ve come to the right place! Tuna’s travels.

    It is not the end, there are many cute pets on Instagram that would make your day brighter !!


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