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    7 Songs Which Will Make You Think “Kitna High Tha Lyricist”

    Our Choti worships music and can’t stand lyrics or music that don’t go hand in hand. But then there are some songs whose lyrics make her go mad. For the people listening to Gulzar or even today’s Anuv Jain, then clearly these songs lyrics are crap to them. And Choti has proof, the lyrics itself are the proof. You might move your waist on these songs in the club, but inside you know that these songs are worth nothing. 

    As Moin Akhtar said “Tauba, Tauba, Tauba, Tauba, sara mood kharab kr dia.” And the people who smoke or drink know that these lyrics can only be penned down when the lyricist was high. 

    So, the award for most cringe-worthy lyrics goes to, all of these. 

    1. Halkat Jawani, Heroine

    Can’t listen to these lyrics with parents and obviously won’t be listening to it alone too. Don’t know what happened to Niranjan Iyengar while writing these lyrics. 

    Halkat Jawani, Heroine

    “Item bana ke rakh le,

    haayChakhna bana ke chakh le

    Aankhon ko kyun seke

    Haathon se kar manmaani”

    1. Genda Phool

    For the Bengalis, Badshah ne ekdum se waqt badal diye, jazbaat badal diye, zindagi badal di. He did some crappy and mind-blowing thing with classic Bengali folklore. The lyrics go like 

    Genda Phool

    Bum Tera Gotay Khaye, Kamar Pe Teri Butterfly,

    Body Teri Makkhan Jaise, 

    Khane Mein Bas Tu Butter Khaye…” 

    We are calling the police, the lyricist is a stalker. 

    1. Munni Badnaam, Dabbang
    Munni Badnaam, Dabbang

    Badnaam, zandu balm, cinema hall, amiya se aam, item-bomb, be-hindustan, seeney mei hole. A girl can become all of this for just one guy, that is according to Lalit Pandit. 

    1. Hookah Bar, Khiladi 786

    You definitely jumped the moment this song started playing in the pubs, but now let us help you in focussing on the lyrics. Ohh, you can’t focus because of the catchy music, koi na, Choti understands. But still, what is 

    Hookah Bar, Khiladi 786

    “Teri akhiyon ka waar jaise sher ka shikar 

    Tera husn dhueydaar jaise jaltaa cigar

    Tere pyar ka nasha kabhi aar kabhi paar

    Tera pyaar pyaar pyaar hookah bar…”

    1. Aa Re Pritam Pyare, Rowdy Rathore

    The famous song of Rowdy Rathore. This made the girl shout “creepy” and the boys “kya bawal cheez hai yeh.” Just look at the lyrics and you will know why Choti is saying this. Aa re pritam pyare 

    Aa Re Pritam Pyare, Rowdy Rathore

    Bandook mein naa toh goli mere 

    Sab aag toh mere kurti mein re 

    Zara hukka utha zarrra chillam jala  

    Pallu ke neeche chupa ke rakha hai 

    Utha doon toh hungama ho…. 

    The whole song is like this. 

    1. Fevicol Se, Dabbang 2

    Choti doesn’t even want to talk about the “astute wisdom” this song dawns upon. The lyricist is the “Shashi Tharoor” of songs. Kya kehke nikal gye kuch smjh nahi aaya. 

    Fevicol Se, Dabbang 2

    “Pyar karle tu aaj angur ki daughter se

    Naseeyat bhool jayega tu ek gotar se

    Peene wale ko bhi jeene ka maza aayega

    Ye woh daru hai jo chadh jaaye sirf water se”

    And then this 

    “Aaja mere raja tujhe jannat dikhaaun main

    Barfeele paani me fire lagaun main”

    You just deceived chemistry like Sallu Bhai forgets physics. 

    1. Ice Cream Khaungi, The Xpose

    The Rap God “Yo Yo Honey Singh” was doing his debut in acting with the Xpose, a thriller movie. But the lyrics of Ice cream Khaungi made us laugh so hard, that it became a comedy. 

    Ice Cream Khaungi, The Xpose

    “Ice Cream Khaungi

    Kashmir Jaaungi

    Sholo Mein Bhadke Jiyaa

    Jalve Karaungi

    Usko Rijhaungi

    Jo Hoga Mera Piya”

    Choti can’t just copy and paste the whole song by the way. 

    Bhot songs aaenge, bhot songs jayenge, lekin inse cringy koi nahi ho sakta. 


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