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    The 2Cs: Collectibles and Care

    Collectibles are either of huge value or are highly cherished by the collector. Opting to store collectibles is a huge gamble that you might be playing, if you are not thinking of selling them. More often than not, collectors are worried about the care and maintenance of their favourite items. Mostly people start collecting stuff that they like. It is sort of a hobby to them, just like these people our Choti also likes collecting a few things in Choti Ka Secret Room.  And today she will tell you about which ones are the most popular collectibles and how you should take care of them. 

    1. Antique Chairs

    If you stumble across a piece of antique, it’s surely important to lay your eyes at it. Antiques are known for either having tons of worth or being virtually worthless. But the naked eye can’t figure that out. Antique furniture is mostly functional and very well made thus qualifying as the favorite collectible item of individuals. 

    To take care of your Antique Chairs, one must

    1. Apply a coat of wax to prevent splits and cracks
    2. Use cotton sheets or some breathable item to cover the antiques
    3. Keep the chairs in a controlled climate. Too much or too little humidity can change the structure of the chair
    4. Keep furniture elevated. Use cinder blocks or wooden pallets to keep furniture base safe from any accident

    1. Vinyl Records

    Those old records which our grandparents used to listen to music are now worth tons. Many music players are returning to vinyl records to enjoy music. Just keep a hold on your records and take care of them, you neve know when the worth of your collectible becomes your prized possession.

    To take care of your Vinyl Records, one must

    1. Use a cleaning brush to wipe off the dust from your record, you can also use a cleaning solution
    2. Always keep the record in their jackets, obviously not when you are playing it
    3. Use crates to store your record in an upright position
    4. Do not stack your records.
    5. Do not touch the surface of the record, only the very edge.
    1. Coins and Currency

    If you know, you know. The face value of those old coins in your collectibles might be 1 but they are worth a million. And coming across an antique coin is not found every now and then. So, if you come across an item keep it safe and clean. Worried how to keep it fresh, here’s what you should do

    1. Keep your coins in a coin holder or coin album, not only will it ensure safety from dust but also keep your possessions in place
    2. The location where you store your coin will be similar to where you yourself want to be. Humid, dry, cold, hot areas should be avoided for coin storage
    3. Keep your coins in a metal safe instead of the wooden shelf since it won’t emit any chemicals like wood
    1. Vintage Cars

    It’s not an everyday occurrence that you will come across someone with a love of classic cars. They are expensive, hypersensitive and should be well stored. Even though buying a vintage car for your passion for collectibles will be hard on your pocket, it will be equally swagger. 

    Worried how to take care of your car, here are some tips

    1. Keep the tank full to decrease chances of moisture ruining your beauty
    2. Keep on changing the oil, dirty oil can cause more damage to your tank
    3. Keep your car completely dust-free and waxed
    4. Fill the tires with air and keep your car on a jack
    5. Remove your car battery entirely if you are not planning to go on a drive in your car
    6. Keep your car in a cold, dark and dry place under a cover 
    1. Stamps

    Almost all of us have grown up receiving or sending letters. What was most important for these letters was stamps. Stamp collecting has been an old pastime, but even now there are history lovers who collect stamps. Stamps also provide knowledge about different countries, their origin, and their social and political atmosphere. 

    To keep your stamp collection fresh and safe, keep these things in mind

    1. Do not touch the surface of your stamp
    2. Keep the moisture level between 35% to 55%
    3. Keep stamp away from sunlight
    4. Keep your stamps in a stock book or an album

    Choti believes that her tips will help you in starting a new collection.


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