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    Best self-help books- from Choti ki library

    Not everybody loves to read books but every family does have that one member who loves to read and share their Gyan. Indifamily has Choti. From novels to self-help books everything is included in her shelf. 

    When we talk about self-help books, many would think of some boring text written all over the pages, but people who go through them, know what a real treasure they are. Here are some best self-help books from Choti’s library that are not only fun to read but also has the power to change your life in a positive way. 

    1 The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho-

    You must be confused, why a fiction novel is at the top of a self-help book list. Well, the reason is the knowledge in the book. 

    The alchemist is a novel written to motivate people to follow their dreams and it will be fulfilled one day. If you’re looking for guidance in a general sense, are at all religious, or simply want wisdom on how to discover what it is you were meant to do and become (and, honestly, probably even if none of those things apply to you), this book will quite literally change your life forever.

    The main lesson of this story is that “whatever you put in the universe, the universe will create it, fast or slow, even when everything is against you.

     2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

     When we talk about this book, it is one of the best self-finance books you can get. It is the book that talks about the most asked question among middle and poor people, “why rich people are getting more rich and poor are still  poor?” 

    This author talk about his experience of becoming rich, taking valuable lessons from his rich dad. 

    If you have no interest in reading boring books, this one is quite interesting and very knowledgeable which will help you to be more educated ‘financially’.

    3.. The power of now, by Eckhart Tolle

    The Power of Now hardly needs any introduction. It is the book that has had the most impact on our collective consciousness in recent years. Ti talks about mindfulness and how it could help you to live a more fulfilling and compassionate life. It inspired millions of people to become more aware of the power of the mind.

    It is a technique that alleviates depression, increases emotional intelligence, and develops compassion.
    You may know that the brain can be trained. The Power of Now teaches you how to release your attachment to certain thoughts and states of mind, thereby clearing the mind to fully embrace the present moment. In short, get your mind on the right work through this book. 

    4. The secret, by Rhonda Byrne 

    Talking about this all-time best-seller, the secret is a book based on a movie of the same name by Rhonda Byrne. 

    The secret educates you about the art of manifesting what you want in your real life and how the universe works vis the law of attraction.  Rhonda Byrne has drafted the process to ask, belief, and receive.  The book also talks about gratitude, self-acceptance, and how positive thinking affects our future. It is one of the best self-help books with 5 more sub-books in the series. 

    5. How to win friends and influence people,  by Dale Carnegie 

    When you think about the most iconic self-help books, Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People often surges to the top of mind. The iconic book published in 1937 is packed with entertaining stories from successful politicians, business people, and students who excelled at communicating. 

    It talks about techniques of improving your communication skills and making people work with you by the art of influencing them. 

    So, these were the top 5 self-help books from Choti ki library. Give them a read and let us know how you like it. 


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