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    Welcoming summers with a bowl of Taaza Aam ki KULFI

    While the coronavirus pandemic has caught the world’s attention, we simply cannot ignore how people are showcasing their talents in cooking! And with summers just around the corner, we think it’s time to welcome the season of mango with a delightful recipe that is perfect to treat the family with post-dinner.

    Undoubtedly a favorite thing about this super hot season is lots and lots of Mangoes, the king of fruits! And while you would’ve had it all, we have an excellent mango recipe that the dessert lover in you won’t be able to resist.


    Fresh mangoes are the ingredient you just cannot miss for this recipe! The juiciness and sweetness of fresh mangoes is to die for. To make this kulfi all you need is full-fat milk, milk powder, sugar, and fresh mangoes. The most basic and lockdown friendly ingredients.

    How to make it :

    Here are the steps to follow!

    1. Boil full cream milk in a heavy pan and let the mixture come to boil.
    2. Chop the mangoes into slices, add sugar and grind it, till a consistent puree has been made.
    3. Stir ¼ milk and ¾ milk powder in a bowl. Put the mixture to boil on a high flame and keep stirring continuously. Reduce the flame and let the milk sim until it reduces to half its volume.
    4. Let it cool down completely and then mix the mango puree into it.
    5. Pour this mixture into kulfi molds and cover the mold with foil and stick in ice cream sticks
    6. Let it refrigerate for at least 8 hours.

    And the much awaited taaza aam ki kulfi is ready to eat!

    Mango is a luscious, summer-staple fruit that boasts of many health benefits. With a good amount of vitamin A and C, mango also comes packed with calcium.

    Time to relish the desserts packed with delightful mango fruit. Mango kulfi is the perfect balance of it all.


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