Saturday, April 20, 2024

    Indibaat® is India’s first platform that gives millennial’s and their families a space to share their stories & tales. It pitches them to initiate dialogues. We aim to encourage and enable the lost, one to one verbal conversations, human interactions and the nostalgia brought by experiences and memories, making their bonds stronger & more special.

    Indibaat is conjured to play the key role of communication by hearing the stories, which may be of their passions, secret ambitions, love, grandmother’s traditional recipes, about their parenthood, life journey’s or growing up with siblings and therewith valuing social communities, family members and relations. 

    These stories not only help the onlooker appreciate the life and relations righteously but also offer many lessons in humble living. It’s the transfer of this value-system more than the stories itself, which is the objective of Indibaat.

    Indibaat is an initiative by Nitin Jain, Founder of Indibni®. His vision is to encourage individuals like you to share your stories! As he says बात करेंगे तो बात बनेगी…