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    The Complete Guide To Increase Your Store Revenue

    Are you trying to increase your reach amongst customers? Do you want to make your audience your customer? Don’t worry, there are three people who can help you. I, me and myself. I am Indi, an expert in technology. From getting your store online to making a website, I will help you out at every phase.

    The process of getting digital is simple, from Online local directories to Website to Social Media. The process can be different according to your preference. Ask yourself a few questions before rampaging through google about website costs.

    1. Where do you want to start? Do you want to spend money in getting a domain name or is your goal only to get registered in the local directory?
    2. Are you going to write the content yourself or are you going to hire someone else? How much can you pay them?
    3. Set your goals in a realistic way. Thinking that you will get 10K followers on instagram in a week can be difficult to achieve. 

    Get Listed On Local Directories

    You can get yourself registered at the local business directory on Google My Business or Bing Places For Business. You should also add a few information about your business like your address, photos, contact details, pricing, services you provide and customer review. Also, use Maps as it can directly guide an individual to your store. 

    Local directories are easy to register at and only focus on individuals near you. 

    Start Your Website

    If you are planning to make a website then decide what webpages you want to add and what you will tell in it. Remember, that your website should be user friendly, easy to navigate and should focus on increasing 

    your transversion rate.

    1. Choosing A Domain Name

    Domain Choose a relatable domain name. Your domain name should represent who you are. It should be something like “www.myworkname.ext.” you can get your desired domain name at UberDomains. Choose extensions carefully. It can be .co,,.com,.org or any extension according to your work. 

    1. Designing Your Website

                There are some simple rules that you can follow to design your website

    • Make your website user-friendly
    • Use simpler colors on your website
    • Make the checkout process simple and secure
    • Use the right content and description for your services
    • Add Social Media Links to your website
    • Add Reviews of Previous Customers
    1. Designing your Website For Server
    • Add Alt Text to Images
    • Do not overburden your content with Keywords or your website might get registered as fraud
    1. Designing your Webpage

    Don’t get confused between a webpage and a website. A website is a cluster of different web pages interlinked together with hyperlinks and links. To design an effective website you need to 

    • Use smaller images to reduce load time
    • Simplify design
    • Responsive design, so that a person checking your website on mobile is getting the same experience as the person using it on laptop 
    • Do a Test run for all the browsers
    1. What should be Your Strategy To Increase Transversion rate
    • Identify your Unique Selling Point(USP), you can use SWOT analysis to do that
    • USPs helps in gaining the attention of the customer to the exact service you provide
    • Grow your email Marketing
    • Send your customers emails about new products, services, offers, discounts to get them back to shop with you
    • Increase your awareness in the audience through social media and adverts
    • Get useful and organic backlinks 
    • Use Analytics to keep in check that your efforts are bringing in some fruits.

    In the end, don’t worry and keep providing your customers with good quality services. And keep on chanting Apna Time Aaega. 


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