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    Savor Every Bit Of The Rainy Season With These Tips

    Many people might think of the monsoon as a hindrance due to the potholes and long traffic jams, but not everyone’s the same, right? With monsoon, comes freshness, a ray of hope for the farmers, memories, chai, and pakoras, and frogs in some areas.

    Those who already enjoy the rain know how to take full advantage of it. But what about the others? What about those who wait for summers or winters for the entire year? For them, we are here to help them out in making the most of this rainy season.

    1. Make a Paper Boat

    Check out those DIYs on Youtube on how to make a paper boat. Chances are that you already know the making procedure. So, take out that piece of paper and bring out the child inside of you. Make that boat and let it swim in those muddy stretches.

    1. Take out that Book

    You have been waiting for years to start reading that favorite book or novel. It’s most probably lying somewhere inside your shelf. Take it out, get on a sofa, and start reading it. Be it The Fault In Our Stars or What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard. It’s going to be a rollercoaster ride while reading it. Why? Because of the mesmerizing scenery outside your window and the words of your favorite author.

    1. Make Your Favourite Snack

    The last time you visited a rooftop café with rain pouring down is now history. Make your own food, preferably Chai and Pakoras (they taste better in rain and are easier to make, plus you will remember those moments spent with your parents when you were young). Sit in front of your window with your loved ones. With soothing music in the background, picturesque scenery in front of you, mouth-watering food, and the person you love, do you really need another reason to do it?

    1. Spend some time with kids

    No one’s more excited when it’s pouring down more than kiddos. Why? Because schools get canceled and they can enjoy at home. Don’t be the strict person that you usually are and let yourself be the child you once were. Build that pillow castle with kids and stay inside. Think of those old friends you had, call them up and ask how they are.  

    1. Play Indoor Games with Your Family

    Take out that carrom board that’s stuffed in some corner of your room. Get all your family members or those friends who you call the family to play with you. Even a game of Uno or Ludo can do the trick of getting you all to spend some time together (with no blue LED screen in hand).

    1. Take a Nap

    The easiest thing you can do if you are not an insomniac is to take a nap. Get in your freshly scented sheets. Switch the lights off and go on a trip in your dreams.

    The best way to enjoy the monsoon season is by doing something you like. So get in your shoes, wait for it to rain and enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t wait for tomorrow, since it can turn out to be a dry day.


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