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    Indibaat | E01 # Mobile Hai Life by Divya Jain बात दिव्या के साथ

    For the last decade, smartphones have been running us. It gave us everything: information, transportation, entertainment, food. However, they have really changed our social behavior and the way of interactions.

    Divya Jain, a design entrepreneur talks about the frenetic impact of smartphones on our society, revolutionizing the way of communication and one’s perspective towards socializing and relations, impacting our day-to-day life in some surprising ways. Let’s have a closer look at the video and know about her views!

    From the way of wishing someone on his/her birthday to the ways of living. We have become so much consumed into our smartphones and made it our world. She conclude by saying that it’s up to you how you would like to shape your future relations?


    DIVYA JAIN: Hi I am divya a design entrepreneur. I am an introvert but Aaj mein aap sabse apne mann ki baat karna chahti hu.

    “Thank god…. mein iss millennia generation ka hissa hu,
    sochoo zara… hoti agar mein nani dadi ke zamane ki…
    Kaise karti apna time pass
    Subah ki good morning se… good night tak
    Abhi i don’t have a minute to spare
    I can Chat, Post and Tweet!
    I can Skype on the road … while I’m driving to work,
    Lunch break mein… I can email and shop
    Boring office hrs mein…. i can see the cat videos
    And insta wat i ate
    Bathroom mein bhi … candy crush and pubg to survive
    So productive am I …that it makes my head spin,
    But at least…. I don’t have to go home and cook
    I can swiggy my… three …course meal
    my husband & i …can relax while we check tons… of fb notifications
    Akhir pure.. din ki thakan ke baad …..we need our own time
    Are,… ab mera phone kaha mujhse alag h…. shadi bhale ki isse na ki ho
    Par har sukh dukh ka saathi ….toh yahi h
    But alas, it appears that my battery’s draining,
    Only 5 percent is remaining.
    Just one last couple goals wali selfie…. before it quits, I wonder, how many likes it will get
    Thank god seriously.. mein nai hu dadi ke zamane ki
    Nai hoti bore… chahe ghar ho , office ho ya dinner date
    Lucky hubby, he still have his phone charged… till he falls asleep
    Agar ye smartphones hote immortal and sone se pehle
    Mein bhi kar pati… binge watch …stranger things on netflix
    Oh god how i m gonna fall asleep now,
    I miss dadi ki godh unka sar pe haath, unki kahaniya aur unki baat..”

    NITIN – So janta ye thi baat janta ke saath. So Divya bataiye what were your thoughts behind this poem. 

    DIVYA – Jab hum baat karte hain baat karne ki, mujhe lagta hai ki aajkal humare communication karne ke tareeke badal rahe hain. Instead of saying words to somebody, we rather type it. Instead of sharing our feelings in front of everyone, in front of the person, we rather sent a text message or maybe use emojis.

    NITIN – just like, on family whatsapp group hota hai aur wahan kisi ka birthday hota hai, to uske birthday pe wish karne ki jagah we…

    DIVYA – Yeah ! instead of calling, we just get thousands and thousands of messages. One same post which is being copied and pasted in the group by several people.

    NITIN – What do you think, what’s your take on it ? In your understanding do you really think, technology helps us in expressing ourselves, or somewhere we have lost the feel of touching and expressing ourselves ?

    DIVYA – Technology is indeed helping us, i don’t say that it’s not worth it, it is ! I am here in Jaipur and my friend’s wedding is happening out of the city and I can’t attend it. So, all thanks to technology, I can have a video call and I can see and feel and can be there and she can also feel the presence. 

    NITIN – Very well said, I also feel the same, technology is there to help us and enable things, however we should not exploit it.


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