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    Indibaat | E05 # Baat pate ki by Anuj Agrawal बात अनुज के साथ

    ANUJ AGRAWAL, Founder and Partner at Cbetter comes up on the stage of Indibaat and shares his experience of how the mass media is influencing people especially in affirming people’s attitudes and opinions. Nitin Jain and Anuj focuses on the fact of how thoughts are implanted in people’s minds through digital and multi-marketing tools. They also lay focus on the fact about why it is important for the people to look at both sides of the coin. And how they can have multiple perspectives about the same topic, and create their bilateral judgements or opinions juxtaposed by the mass media. Let’s scoop out what Anuj Agrawal says & viewers don’t forget to share your opinions on the same, because you should be sensitive enough to understand the impact that you make by sharing your thoughts and opinions!


    ANUJ – Hello everyone, my name is Anuj Agrawal. To kis baare mein baat ki jaye, mujhe andar se bahot lagta hai ki agar pehle ki baat karein toh hum bahot samvedansheel hua karte the. Aajkal samvedansheelta shayad gaayab hui jaa rahi hai. 

    Hum baat zaroor kartein hain ki humari country democratic hai. Mujhe lagta hai ki ye sab cheezein khatam ho gayi hain aur kuch cheezein maaine nhn rakhti.  Aadmi ko kuch bolne se pehle , agar wo sahi bhi bolta hai toh use dar lagta hai, aur kuch log bina soche samjhe kuch bhi boldete hain. 

    NITIN – Toh Anuj jaise aapko lagta hai ki people are not really sensitive or they are oversensitive? How to take it ahead? 

    ANUJ – Nitin kuch cheezon pe log zaroorat se zyaada sensitive ho jaatein hain. Jaise ki main aaye din dekhta rehta hoon ki mera koi dost anti-govt. post daalenge aur logo ko time nahi lagta unko anti-national bote hue, they start fighting over the comments and usmein behuda language, aisi gandi gaaliyan likh rahe hain.This is not the country we have seen so far. Hum bina soche samjhe, Agar koi whatsapp message aata hai , hum ek second nhn lagate ye sochne mein ki iska doosra pehlu kya hoga. Hum bas lag jaate hain use forward karne.

    Abhi jab ye JNU wala kissa hua toh Mumbai mein kuch log Gateway of India pe protest kar rahe the, we had a storyteller, Mehak, she was also there. She saw a playcard there and it was written Free Kashmiri.  She could connect to it, and then 5 mahine se kashmir ke logon ke paas internet nahi hai toh hum kis cheez ki azaadi ya democracy ki baat kar rahe hain. Usne ye playcard haath mein liya… but media ne us cheez ko itna uchaal diya hai, aur log uske social media pe comment kar rahe hain ki aap Pakistani ho aur wapas chale jao. So I feel that aap bhaiya aap poori aap cheez to dekho, uske peeche ka pehloo kya hai? Har kisi ke paas yahan azaadi honi chahiye atleast apni baat rakhne ke liye. But yahan pe mujhe lagta hai ki humare desh mese wo cheez gayab hoti jaa rahi hai. Aap kuch bhi bol hi nahi sakte ho kisi ke khilaaf. As it has become a very one sided and gunda gardi waali cheez ki aap agar kuch bhi bologe toh aap galat hi sabit hoge.

    NITIN – I don’t completely agree about what you are saying, but still I can understand that when people are sensitive or overly sensitive, they don’t really filter out things and they just start expressing without even thinking what impact it will make to other people. Toh isi cheez pe baat karte hain toh Anuj tumhein kya lagta hai jab people have this freedom of speech, they have mobile 24×7 in there hand, they can share any news which is happening in any remote area of the world, seconds mein wo poori duniya mein pahunch jaati hai. Tumhein kya lagta hai? Being individuals, people should understand before they react?

    ANUJ – Being an individual na humein is cheez ki responsibilty leni padegi, jo bhi hum share kar rahe hain ya phir jo bhi hum baat kar rahe hain. Aap dekho toh aaj se 10-15 saal pehle, 20 saal pehle dekho, logo ke paas ye mediums nhn the apni baat rakhne ke liye aur failane ke liye. Aaj jab hamare paas medium hai, jaise globally kuch bhi news ho rahi hai, jaise aapne baat boli ki it takes few seconds and few minutes to spread it all over the world. Aur aaj aap Australia ki baat karo ki wahan kuch chal raha hai? Iran aur America ki baat karo wahan kuch chal raha hai ye sab baat hume tab pata chal because of the power of the internet. Agar hum is medium ko use kar rahe hain, toh bhi hum baat kar rahe hain usse hum dekhein ki impact kya pad raha hai, aur us cheez ko hum soch smjhke use karein, bevcause abhi kya hota hai ki agar humare paas koi bhi message aata hai, hum use forward karne lag jaate hain bina soche samjhe. Ya phir humein koi bhi baat karni hoti hai toh hum bas bol detien hain without understanding ki iska kya impact ho sakta hai. Toh agar hum cheezon ko sensitively put kareinge so I guess it will make more sense. 

    Thoda bahut chaos ban jaata hai kai baar, humari bina soche samjhe liye hue step se, wo nhn hoga.

    NITIN – Anuj, main jaanta hoon aur isliye isi cheez ko rakh raha hoon ki aap digital media background se aatein hain, jo log nhn jaante hain, kya aap waha pe kuch apne experience share kar sakte hain  ki being a multimedia and digital marketing person, how easy it is to seed thoughts or implant thoughts in people’s minds, which over the period after repetition of ads or repetition of seen narratives, it forms a very strong foundations and reflects in people’s actions.

    ANUJ – when you talk about this digital world and the power of tools we have, it is very easy to play with the things. Agar koi apni speech mein he talks negatively for 30 seconds in the background in a 15 minutes speech, but people highlight it so much and create a negative image of this person and make him a villain. Same happens with a lot of images, unko photoshop kiya jata hai, kai baar aisa hota hai ki koi cheez aaj se 4 saal pehle hui thi , aur wo social media pe propagate aise ki jaati ho ki wo kal ki hi baat ho. Toh mera keval kehna hoga ki, kabhi bhi hum kisi content ko share kar rahein hain ya phir kisi content ke baarein mein kisi se baat kar rahein hain toh hum background check karlein ki ye factual bhi hai ya nhn hai. Kyunki adhiktar maine aise dekha hai ki logo ko gumrah kiya jaata hai cheezon ko leke. And its very easy ki aaj main wahi cheez main aapse whatsapp pe share kar raha hoon aur wahi cheez aap ko facebook pe dikh rahi hai. So it’s very easy using these tools that main aapka brainwash kar paaun.

    How trump won the elections of America and India mein bhi log social media ka kitna use kar rahe hain. So it’s very easy to use these tools in your favour. Completely depends on common people how well they consume and take this content. So I guess Nitin, humlog jo bhi content consume kar rahein haina, we are consuming trillions of data everyday.  Aap koi bhi platform dekhlo, whether its whatsapp, instagram, facebook, itna content hum consume kar rahein hain ki humari aur kisi generation ne nhn kiya hoga. We need to consume this content diligently. Abhi hota kya hai ki we don’t have any opinion about ourselves, our opinions are created. Hum jaise jaisa padh rahein haina, hum wahi opinion bana letein hai ki yahi sahi hai, ye galat hai. Main aisa kehta hoon ki kisi cheez ko leke aapke do opinion kyun nhn ho saktein hain. Hum content padh padh ke ek hi narrative set karletein hain aur hum usi ko leke baat karne lag jaatein hain. Toh bahut zaroori hai ki jab bhi hum content consume karein aur apna opinion banaein toh un cheezo ko leke humein sochna chahiye aur uske saare pehloo dekhne chahiye, then we should create our own opion. Zaroori nhn hai ki hum hamesha pro-pro baat karein, hum apne dono side rakh saktein hai ki ye cheez humein sahi lagta hai aur ye sahi nhn lagti hai.

    But it’s very important to create your own opinion, rather than having an opinion created by others that is not your opinion.

    NITIN – Very well said Anuj, mujhe bhi bilkul yahi cheez lagti hai ki ‘har sikke ke do pehlu hote hain’, aap decide kar sakte hain ki aap ek pehlu dekhna chahta hoon but aap ignore nhn kar saktein hain ki iska doosra pehlu hai. Aur kuch cheez hai jisko leke aap aaj bahot sensitive feel kar rahein hai but shayad aap aage jaake usko leke na hon aur aage jaake kisi aur cheez lo leke zyaada sensitive feel kareinge. Jo amount of thought hai, jitna zyaada pour kar raheinge utna zyaada gehra hota rahega. Aur jitna hum us cheezo ko easy flow mein rakhenge I think we will feel better about ourselves rather than what the whole world is doing around us. 

    So ye thi aaj ki baat, jald hi mileinge ek naye kirdaar ke saath. Agar aap bhi chahate hain karna  apne man ki baat, toh judiye humare saath,  www.indibaat.com 

    वो कहते है ना, बात करेंगे तो बात बनेगी.. .
    Indibaat : आपकी बात आपके साथ


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