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    Indibaat | E023 # Soil & Soul by Ratika Khandelwal बात रतिका के साथ

    “My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece” ― Claude Monet
    Ratika who has adopted gardening and yoga as her profession talks about the benefits and vibrations created by the hues of a garden. She talks about how the colours of the garden and the properties of life influence our lives. Apart from gardening, she talks about Yoga and her life journey of how she made this beautiful combination of yoga and gardening as her profession. She talks about how plants are like any humans and how emotional and responsive they are to you, let’s listen to this podcast and look at Ratika’s inspiration.


    NITIN – Toh doston ye humara season hai – Srajan, Jaipur Creative Commune ke saath, toh ismein hume kaafi logon se baat ki jo log oainters hain, photogrpaher hain, artist hain. Pehli baar humare saath ek banda aisa hai jo gardenig aur yoga ke andar apna passion dhoondta hai.

    RATIKA – Hi, currently I am a gardner and a yogi. Maine start kiya tha ye apne graduation aur post graduation ke baad se. Main CA pursue kar rahi thi aur usi time mujhe laga ki mujhe apni field change karni chahiye. Wo beech waal time bahut confusing tha and I was searching ki ab main kya karoon, ab main kya karoon. Toh us time pe I was only gardening kyunki plants ghar pe the aur ghar ka renovation hua tha. So i found something in gardening that really attracted me, but us time pe bahut zyada passion create hua aur maine start kiya reading about plants and then i created my insta page about gardening and my passion kept on growing day by day. While i was searching ki mujhe kya karna hai? Tab maine socha ki mujhe school mein kya karna hai, yoga, it always left a space in my heart aur usne ek satisfaction leave karta tha. But people dont think yoga as a career and mere parents mein bhi acceptance nhn thi ki koi yoga ke liye bhi padhaai kar sakta hai, ya phir aap yoga mein bh ipost graduation kar sakte ho. So it took me really long to convince my parents about it. Abhi bhi wo convinced nhn hai but phir bhi they dont stop me. So this is about me, i am currently a gardener and i am also learning Yog from an institution and i will be going for post graduation in it.

    NITIN- Pehli baat ye hai ki jis tareeke ki society hai aur jis tareeke ka envirnoment hai, aur usmein humari upbringing hoti hai, toh aisa hota haina ki science liya hai toh doctor, engineer baneinge aur agar commerce liya hai toh CA karienge. Aur wo bhed chaal hota hai, and whenever you realise that this is not what I want to do, tab tak aap apne thought ke liye stand hi nhn le paate hain, aur mujhe nhn lagta ki aapko koi bhi us time tak support karta hai. Jaise aapne bataya ki aapki family bhi aapko bahut zyaada support nhn karti thi aur abhi bhi ek comfortable distance rakhti hai ki jo tumhein theek lage wo karo and its not that interfering, but kuch log toh honge jinhonein aapko encourgae kiya hoga?

    RATIKA – In spite of asking my parents I asked the people of my generation kyunki unko nhn pata tha ki ek aisi bhi space hai jo exist karti hai. So I started interacting with people of my age. Mere saare friends they all are into finance and academics, they made me contact people who are in the other business and they gave me satisfaction and support ki ye ho jayega. There were some strangers and they gave me examples that i have done yoga and i am currently teaching also and i have a good life, its really good and we should give it a shot. 

    NITIN – jaise hum hamesha bolte hain ki baat karein toh baat banegi, if people in your circle won’t know about things,  it’s not that nobody knows about it. It’s just that you should initiate. Let’s come back to gardening, I have a very interesting question for you. What do you feel is the importance of having plants in home and in offices ?

    RATIKA – I think logon ne kaafi fanciness create kardi hai uske around ki sirf ameer logon ke yahan ho sakte hain ya phir plants bahot mehange hote hain, ya phir fancy aur mehange pots hone chahiye, but they dont have a true idea ki agar aap ek plant ko chotre se mitti ke gamle mein bhi laga rahe ho toh wo plant bhi beautiful hai. So I really promote affordable gardening and I keep talking about plants jinko aap aaram se afford kar sakte ho. People should understand that planting and gardening is a necessity, har ghar mein ek plant hona chahiye. At Least i feel that Indians are blessed that at least they have plants, tulsi in there himes. And you know it has so many benefits, usse mosquitoes nhn aate, purifies your air. Ab jo indoor plants ak concept bahut propagate ho raha hai ki is because of pollution, because those plants are natural air purifiers. Aur unke andar kuch change nhn karna, you are doing it for yourself aapki air clean ho rahi hai aur it increases the positivity around you. In Fact if you read about green color. Its so soothing and calming for eyes and body. So whenever you wake up early you just go and sit near your plants and you feel ki ek achi energy feel ho rahi hai. That energy which you can’t describe in words, if you buy then you can feel it. 

    NITIN – I saw a video with an experiment where bachon ko kaha gaya ki ek plant hai jisko jaake aapko abuse karna hai aur ek plant hai jsiko jaake aapko encourage karna hai. And actually it happened that the plant that you cribbed about dies and the plant that you encouraged got nurtured and usmein flowers aa rahein hain. And we are also living people and when we have plants we can also exchange ideas with them.

    RATIKA – Plants do understand our feelings, they are our best friends. 

    NITIN – Let’s compare your life with people who are parallel in your academics or college or in your CFA, sab log us bheed ke andar chal rahe hote hain aur jab sabko kaha jaat hai ki cheezein aisi hi hoti hain, aur humare paas tab less examples hote hain aur hum stand nhn le paate. Toh aapka kya suggestion rahega for people who know that i am not really good at it but i am doing it just because my family or my society wants me to do. What are the things that you would like to suggest people, to take that risk and first step about that passion.

    RATIKA – Firstly i have been through that phase jahan logon ko lagta hai ki main uuse peeche rehjaunga, so pehla question khud se hoga ki aap race kyun kar rahe ho, toh do individual hain unke paas resources alag alag hain, aap dono ek dum diifernt ho, aap dono same nhn sochte toh aap ek aise bande ke saath mein race kaise kar sakte ho? Jab office mein sab bande kuch kar rahe the, toh out of that peer pressure mujhmein tha ki mujhe bhi kuch karna hai warna main peeche reh jaungi, but just maien sochke ye cheez jab start kari aur maine ye complete nh nkari, toh mere wo do saal toh kharaab hue aur waste hue. Agar maine usko ek saal aur diya hota toh shayad main yoga aur gardeing 2 saal se kar rahi hoti. Toh only race kisi ko karni chahiye is secondary, so i just want to say ki aapke man mein ye hope humesha jagi hui honi chahiye ki mujhe ye apne aap karna hai. Mujhe abhi time nhn mil raha aur situation aisi hai, toh aage kuch time toh aisa aaega ki jab main ise pursue kar paaungi, toh jitna bhi time mil raha hai tab tak aap usko follow karein apne passion ko.

    NITIN – toh sab log same nhn hote, so people think differently, they have different ideas and approach towards life, and the first and the foremost thing that you said is that dont let your passion die. Thank you so much Ratika, i feel that your story will inspire many people. 

    RATIKA – Thank you for giving me the platform to share my story with everyone. 

    NITIN – Alright, bye bye.

    Indibaat ka agla adhyay hai sirf creators ke naam, bas jo man ko lagta tha acha, junoon inka, bana inki pehchaan. Baking, clicking, writing aur painting, sab mein chupe hain kuch na kuch rang, jo nikhareinge humare saath !

    वो कहते है ना, बात करेंगे तो बात बनेगी.. .
    Indibaat : आपकी बात आपके साथ


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