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    Indibaat | E021 # Budding Artist by Arjun Raj बात अर्जुन के साथ

    This podcast is about budding graphite and pencil artist, Arjun. Coming from a small town and from a different educational background, Arjun talks about how sketching became his mediums of escape and passion while pursuing an altogether different field. He talks about his story of scribbling and doodling and how it got converted into his passion. He believes that nothing is impossible if you don’t try and work towards it. Let’s look at this interesting combination of engineering and art realism.


    NITIN – Dosto ye indibaat ka adhyay hai shrajan, aur uska matlab hai, mera junoon, meri pehchaan. It is about creative people who are trying to make some difference with there full time jobs along with their studies, toh ab tak humare is collaborative program ke andar, Jaipur Creative Commune ke andar, creators hain jiske andar hum sabne sirf women ko highlight kiya tha. Toh humse kaha gaya ki har baar aap humesha womens ko hi kyun hiighlight karte hain, kya ladke creatice nhn ho sakte. Toh is baar khaas taur pe womens day ke upar humare paas hain Arjun, toh bataein humko ki kis cheez ke andar aapki khoobi hai aur aapki pehchaan hai. 

    ARJUN – First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me a nice opportunity to interact with Indibaat in collaboration with Jaipur Creative Commune. My name is Arjun Raj and I belong to Rewari, Haryana. Riwari is a small city on the borders of Rajasthan and Haryana. I am a a charcoal and a graphite artist and work on pencil realism, and make a sketch that’s completely realistic. 

    NITIN – Arjun abhi kya kar rahein hain aap?

    ARJUN – Right now I am pursuing my bachelors in engineering, Mechanical Engineering from Amity University, Rajasthan

    NITIN – Bada unique combination hai ARjun ki aap by passion creative hain aur by profession aap creative hain. Aapko lagta hai ki kya kabhi aap apne passion ko as a full time career pursue karna shuru kar paaeinge?

    ARJUN – Sir actually, jo mere sketches hain, wo mera abhi passion nahi hain. As a student enginnering mein itne subjects hote hain, itne assignments hote hain aur time time pe assignments hote hain, usmein jab beech ka time ya gap milta hai humein toh usi time mein maine sketching karna start kiya tha aur mujhe nhn pata tha ki ye real mein itna strong ban jaaega aur reality mein main portraits banane lag jaaunga.

    NITIN – aap jab is baare mein apne ghar waalon se baat kartein hain, apne parents ke saath mein share kartein hain ki i like this thing very much, aap ise abhi apne career ki tarah treat nhn karte but kaafi log aapko kehtein honge ki yaar you are really good in it. Aap engineering kar rahe ho, lekin engineering karte karte shayad aapko realise hua ki main shayad enginner itna acha nhn ban paaunga, lekin jis cheez ko main itna pasand karta hoon usko agar main aage pursue karoonga toh i will make a differnece, toh is tareeke ke thoughtsm ko aapke parents kis tareeke se support karttein hain?

    ARJUN – last time jab, maine apne parents ko bataya tha ki I love to do sketching and I am very good at it, toh unhone mujhe bataya tha ki its good that you are good in it but what is the future for this? Toh ek question ye bhi tha ismein ki engineering kiya hai, enginnering ka scope bhi zyaada hai, toh ye art mein kyun nhn ho sakta?

    NITIN – Aapne apne father ko 3 idiots dikhaai thi? 

    ARJUN – Humare yahan, if a daughter is born in a family he should be a doctor and the boy should be an engineer

    NITIN – Khair Arjun  tumse baat karte karte mujhe apni kahaani yaad aagayi, I remember I had fine arts along with science and maths, kaafi unique aur unsusual combination tha ki ek taraf aapke paas, PCM hai aur ek traf aapke paas fine arts hai. But i had that conversation with my father way before 3 idiots came, ki papa main engineer bna atoh acha engineer nhn banunga. Aur Arjun yahan hum isliye baat nhn kar rahe hain ki aapka jo bhi creative work ho, wo bahut acha ho, mujhe lagta hai ki kaafi log hain jo creatoive hain aur apni creativity ko pursue karna chahte hain, leking pehlsa step jo haina wo log wahi atak jaate hain. Aap log apni studies ke saath mein engineering mein jaise kaafi subjects rehte hain aur kaafi tight schedule rehta hai, aur jahan aapko time milta hai aap time nikalte hain aur portrait pe kaam karte hain, aur maine aapke portrait dekhein hain, aapke portrait kaafi realistic hain aur unique kaam hai aur agar aapne ise abhi as a passion nhn start kiya hai toh I think ki kaafi detailed kaam aap kar rahe hain aur kaafi neat kaam hai jo log art colleges mein log cheezein kartein hain, usse bhi behtar kaam hai aapka. Mujhe abhi bhi aisa lagta hai ki aap jo bhi kaam kar rahein hain aap kisi mentor ya guide ke saath mein apne ideas ko discuss kareinge toh mujhe lagta hai wo aapko work life balance ke sath mein passion ko bhi kaise fuse karienge wo bhi guide kareinge aur abhi aapke saath mein koi mentor ya artist hain jinko aap follow kartein hain?

    ARJUN – sir, there are few seniors of fine, they were also from mechanical department, un logon ne bhi mujhe sikhaya tha, jab main college mein aay atha tab mujhe bilkul bhi draw karn anhn aata tha, I didn’t know how to draw a square. At the time of second year of my college life, mujhe kisi ko ek gift present karna tha, toh maine ek sketch banaya tha, wo itna acha nahi bana tha but somehow it looked very realistic. Jisko maine diya use toh pasand aaya lekin mujhe itna pasand nhn aaya ki maine ye kya banaya, aur phir us time se maine work karna start kar diya tha. Now it has been two years from then and my sketches have improved and become more realistic. 

    NITIN – Lekin kaafi achi baat hai Arjun ki time ke saath mein jo pehla sketch tha apne wo accidentally bana diy atha aur ab jis tareeka ka kaam kartein hain usmein significant improvement aayi hai. Aur aisa hota hai ki agar hum kisi cheez ke andar career seek kar rahein hain, jo ki aap abhi nhn kar rahe hain, so if you are good in something, toh use agar hum use as a career ki tarah seek kartein hain, toh uski aaplication ko samjhna padega ki hum use market mein kaise pesh akr sate hain, khair mujhe lagta hai ki abhi waqt kaafi hai aur kaafi young log hain jo instagram ke upar apni doodles aur artwork ko share kartein hain, aur kaafi log uspe comment bhi karte hain aur kaafi log unko purchase bhi kartein hain. Aur kaafi log aise bhi hain jo college ke andar apne passion ko follow karte karte full time enterpreneurs bhi ban jaate hain. Aapke saath mujhe abhi bhi ye achi cheez lagti hai ki you are open to learn everything. Aur kehte haina ki engineers toh jugaadu hote hi hain, aur kahan se kis cheez ko jugaad bithaana hai, aap ache se aur tahe dil se kaam karte hain aur vastav mein aapka kaam kaabile tareef hai, aur main ummed karta hoon ki aap jo bhi abhi kaam kar rahe hain wo kaam waqt ke saath nikharega. Aur art ke saath aap application ki importance samjheinge aur aapko thodi si right guidance ki zaroorat hai aur logon se baat karna na chodiye. Jaaeiye aur logon se dil khol ke baat kijiye, kyunki aap dil se baat kareinge toh baat banegi. Koi message aap logon ko ya phir listeners se share karna chahte hain?

    ARJUN – yeah, i want to convey that when I was in my second year, mere mein ek junoon tha ki mujhe kuch karna hai, but bahut si dikkat thi, but jisko pencil pakdna nhn aata tha wo aaj yahan itna realistic kaam kar raha hai. I am not appraising myself but when I exhibited my work for the first time at Jaipur fashion Festival in my last year of my college. I got a lot of appreciation from there, so nothing is impossible if you don’t try and out in your hard work. 

    NITIN – Bilkul uske saath hume usko regularly karna bhi bahut zaroori hai, kyunki ek acha kaam karna aur continuously acha kaam karna wo zyaada zaroori hai. Toh umeed karta hoon ki aap apne kaam ko continue karienge aur jahan bhi aap kisi bhi cheez ko kariye but ye kaam mat chodiyega.

    Thank you so much Arjun for being here and I feel that a lot of people will be inspired by your story, toh aap kaam karte rahiye aur baat karte rahiye. 

    ARJUN – Thank you !

    NITIN – Indibaat ka agla adhyay hai sirf creators ke naam, bas jo man ko lagta tha acha, junoon inka, bana inki pehchaan. Baking, clicking, writing aur painting, sab mein chupe hain kuch na kuch rang, jo nikhareinge humare saath !

    वो कहते है ना, बात करेंगे तो बात बनेगी.. .
    Indibaat : आपकी बात आपके साथ


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