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    Indibaat | E019 # Abstract Expression by Arzoo Bajaj बात आरजू के साथ

    Arzoo, an architect by profession shares her story and her passion for her fusion artform. Her work in the amalgamation of wood and resin with different combinations of colour and forms is outstanding and she is one of the pioneers in this art fusion. As per her the world needs art and creativity right now. From the most exotic variants with vivid colours and structures and extravagant design to more conservative, clean designs, with neutral or more transparent colours, almost anything is possible. She tells how the process itself is so satisfying that one can feel so relaxed. Let’s listen to her podcast and know her story behind this creative idea and the new media!


    NITIN – Toh doston Indibaat ka ye adhyaya hai Jaipur Creative Commune ke creators ke naam, isi kadi mein hum baat kar rahe hain, Arzoo Bajaj ke saath. Hi Arzoo, kahan se aapki journey start hui aur kya cheez hai jiske andar aap kuch naya karne ki koshis kar rahi hain.

    ARZOO – Thanks Nitin for having me. Professionally main ek architect hoon, I graduated in 2013 and uske baad maine job kari and then I started my own architectural practise and from there subconsciously my journey started. Architecture is again a creative and a design oriented field. During my job time, jab mera kaam complete ho jaata tha, toh I used to scribble things, and wo scribbling dheere dheere got converted into doodling. Phir uske baad around 2014, we started the practice by the name of the studio A+A , Art & Architecture. In 2016 i got married and I came to Jaipur. Mere jo parnter hain, Arjan Dev Singh wo bhi architect hi hain, aur hum dono ne saath mein practice continue ki architecture ki. With architecture I wanted to do something more that’s more passionate, which was more creative, and design limitations humare architecture field mein hoti thi, couple of years we were doing wood working. I started doing my doodles on those wood products so wahans se wapas mera jo art work tha woh start hua. Joab hum doodle kar rahe the aur wood working kar rahe the, so we started exploring one more material, that was fresin. So resin is a transparent chemical in the form of liquid. And uske saath aap colors mix karke abstract patterns create kar sakte ho. Us material ko aap explore karne lag gaye. With wood and with my doodles, and again wo satisfaction nhn mil raha tha mujhe uske andar and there were some physical obstacles. Toh jaise jaise hum wood ke saath resin ko explore kar rahe the toh mera interest resin mein shift ho gaya. The more I explored resin as a material, the more I got interested into that. I started making resin wall arts, aur sie badhaate gaye, aur complex designs mein use convert karte gaye, so I then started my doodle work and mandala art with resin and then we started using semi-precious stones, toh aise karte karte ab ja b main kuch resin ke saath banati hoon toh jo satisfaction mujhe nhn mil raha tha wo ab milne lag gaya hai. Toh that satisfaction and happiness jab mera ek piece complete hota haina.

    NITIN – Kaafi interesting story hai ki aapne kaise evolve kiya hai, aue ek interest mein education lena aur education ke saath mein jo conventional application aur phir kuch innovative karna. 

    ARZOO – What I personally feel is that jab maine art apne aap se seekha, toh mere mein koi pre notions nhn the, ki mujhe isi direction mein jaana hai, aur mujhe freeom thi ki mujhe us material ko apni pace aur apne level pe explore karne ki. Aur jis confidence se mujhe lag raha hai ki main ek artist ban rahi hoon aur main apne pieces ko duniya mein dikhaana chahti hoon waisi feeling mujhe kahin nhn mili. And thats the reason maine apne interest aur passion ko pursue karne ka socha.

    NITIN – When you started exploration as an artist and you were really good and the creative work that was coming out was also remarkable. After doing something that you were truly passionate and doing it from heart what difference you got in people’s feedback? When something abstract and very innovative comes out, the actions and recognition you received from people?

    ARZOO – yes it was very overwhelming, because mera jo background hai wo art field se nhn hai. Is field mein jo step by step aage badhna pad raha haina wo aap badhte ho jab aapke connections baithte hain. Lekin connections jab genuine hote hain tabhi wo rehte hain aapke saath. Jab main aone resin art ko pursue kar rahi thi toh maine apne exhibitions bhi lagaein hain and wahan se mere jo connections baithe, aur jo log mujhe mile hain, aur jo freinds bane haina, they were very genuine in there criticism and appreciation.

    NITIN – Since you are doing so good and you are experimenting alot and your better half and family is supporting you. Do you really feel was it an easy journey when you are at the edge when you want to do something from your heart but your surroundings and your circumstances aren’t allowing you to take that pledge. So what do you want to convey to the people who are passionate about there work but are not able to take that one step?

    ARZOO – Its really difficult, jab mera education usmein tha aur meri practice usmein set thi and then to convince my family ki main ye practice band kar arhi hoon ki I am leaving architecture nad i am doing this passion, it wasn’t easy for anyone to accept it. And its a genuine fear, and even I fear about ki abhi toh main kar rahi hoon aur what will happen in the future? So its a leap of faith, one has to take it, kuch raatein aur kuch maheene aise lageinge ki you are stressed out. Aur abhi jo aap present mein follow kar rahe ho usmein bhi toh nhn pata na ki aage kya hoga? 

    Aap jo passion follow kar arhe ho wo bhi aap dil se kar arhe hona. I am actually saying that i am really thank ful ki maien wo leap of faith liya aur now i am surrounded by so many amazing people who are just pushing me constantly, not just my family, but the strangers, the friends they are constantly pushing me to make more out of it, to think and experiment more, because you just want to do it. 

    NITIN – the artwork or the concept products that you are making out of resin, is there any theme around it or any message you want to convey by creating those artworks? 

    ARZOO – Jab aap architecture practise karte hain toh you need to have a reason for every line that you draw there. Toh us wajah se jab bhi main resin ka koi bhi artwork banarahi hoti hoon, uske peeche ek reason hota hai, ki wo particular artpiece waise hi kyun ban raha hai? And most of the time those are the emotions that I am feeling when I am starting the new art pieces. Toh it’s not that I plan out but there is a very small feeling that I want to convey from the artform.

    NITIN – When we being artists connect with nature, definitely we are able to observe and sense things on a very deeper level which in general other people can’t.

    ARZOO – there is a particular art piece called ‘ emotions’ which is a very abstract art piece but when i was making that art piece i was extremely emotional because of the fights that i had with my family. I was very vulnerable and sad at that moment, to make myself feel better I used some colors to let me go away from those emotions.  Because colors affect your emotions. When you are sad reds and yellows attract you. So if you see that particular art piece its dominated by color red, I just poured it on the resin and I could feel the pressure and stress released from it. And then the next color i picked was greens and blues because those were the tones that attract you when you are relaxed and calm. So during the process of making the artwork i could sense the pressure release and stress released and the colors being changed. 

    NITIN – transformation is also ther, like starting from the red to more milder and subtle colors.

    ARZOO – if i see it, it’s extremely raw and very edgy because it’s just emotions!

    NITIN – But that’s what art means, when we create something and people perceive and the story people perceive in creation of the artwork and the story that people perceive after the creation of that artwork, both can be different. 

    ARZOO – That’s a very good point of abstract art.

    NITIN – Thank you Arzoo, i have seen your work and i can feel the flow of emotions, the choice of colors and the shape that comes out of the final product, because i am sure that intangible converts into something tangible and it creates a lot of value. Thank you so much for being with us Arzoo and I believe that your story will help many others to fell passionate about their work.

    ARZOO – Thank you nitin I had a great time talking to you, hope that a lot of people will follow there passion and be more creative because the world needs art, the world needs creativity right now !

    NITIN – Indibaat ka agla adhyay hai sirf creators ke naam, bas jo man ko lagta tha acha, junoon inka, bana inki pehchaan. Baking, clicking, writing aur painting, sab mein chupe hain kuch na kuch rang, jo nikhareinge humare saath !

    वो कहते है ना, बात करेंगे तो बात बनेगी.. .
    Indibaat : आपकी बात आपके साथ


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