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    Indibaat | E014 # मेरे हमसफ़र by Saurabh Sharma बात सौरभ के साथ

    Childhood love takes you back to sweeter, simpler days. That’s because childhood love is perhaps one of the purest forms of love to ever exist. There is a certain kind of innocence to it with no room for pride or ego whatsoever. And yes, it is also the first time your heart learned to beat for someone else. Guess even you must be remembering the first time you fell in love with a guy/girl at your school or next door. That is how innocent childhood love is. Yes, it all started with a smile for the couple Saurabh and Urvashi who were classmates since primary school. Sometimes one needs some spark to start a conversation and this is how it happened. Saurabh shares his story, how childhood friendship got converted into a beautiful love story. He considers her wife as a best friend who will always be by his side and wants to grow old with her!


    NITIN – Sometimes you feel, everything and nothing at once, sometimes you find yourself smiling while missing someone at the same time, you can absolutely love someone, and all the while being trying to hate them, life comes without guarantees, except that is smiling will brighten your face, laughing will enhance your eyes and falling in love will change your life. Das saal puraani baat hai, college ke andar padhta tha aur kuch na kuch karne ki aadat toh thi, bas camera liya aur nikal pada. Aisa hi ek din tha, aur valentines day tha toh socha ki aaj kuch toh alag kartein hain, toh liya camera aur nikal pada. Jo college ke dost the, faculty thi, seniors the, juniors the. Toh camera ke saamne sabse bulwaaya, ki what is valentines for them, aur ek choti si film banai aur sabke saath share ki, aaj facebook pe dekh raha tha, toh memories mein ke andar wahi film nazar aayi. Soch raha hoon ki aaj indibaat ka ye podcast, jaise valentines day kli din publish ho raha hai toh, kuch khaas dil ki baat hai jo aapke saath karoon. Maine pehle bhi kaha hai ki, what I specifically feel about this feeling of love, aur isi liye aaj humare saath jo guest hain wo ek khaas banda hai. Last year hi unki shaadi hui hai, aur is saal apni first anniversary share kar raha hai.  So inki jo love story haina wo bachpan se shuru hoti hai. Toh aaiye miliye Saurabh se. Toh Saurabh kaisa feel kar rahe hain ?

    SAURABH – Today is valentine’s day and I think this Valentines day is very special for me, aur recently maine aur meri wife ne ek saal complete kiya hai, aur ye valentines week, poora week hi mere liye kaafi special raha hai, kyunki poora week hi maine apne better half ke saath, meri wife ke saath spend kiya hai. So I think kaafi special feels like kar raha hoon main. And ye poore week ke saath aaj ka bhi din main apni wife ke saath hi spend karna chahunga.

    NITIN – Toh jaisa ki aapne kaha ki ye aaj aka din aap apne valentine aur apni wife ke saath celebrate karna chhate hain, toh kuch bataaein Urvashi ke baare mein, aur bataaein ki aap kaise Urvashi ko jaante hain aur kis din aapko realise hua ki she’s the one?

    SAURABH – Waise jaanta toh main Urvashi ko bachpan se tha, but us tarah se kabhi notice nhn kiya tha. One day suddenly my father in law came to my house, us time main ghar pe nahi tha, and when I came back to my home, mere bhaiya ne mujhe ek facebook profile dikhaai aur mujhse poocha ki bata kaisi hai aur bata. I was shocked ki ye toh Urvashi hai, mere bhaiya ne mujhse poocha ki tu jaanta hai isko?, maine bola ki meri bachpan ki friend hai, mere school mein saath mein thi and mere bhaiya bhi jaante the Urvashi ko. Ab jab sablogon ko pata chal gaya tha ki ye log pehle se jaanta hai isko, so, wo log sochne lage ki kya pata pehle se planning ho in logon ki. So, maine bola aisa kuch bhi nhn hai seriously, main isko jaanta hoon lekin hum logon ke beech mein ais akuch bhi nhn hai. Then uske baad next day mujhe ek text receive hua Urvashi ka and Urvashi ne mujhse poocha ki mere papa tumhare ghar aaye the kya? So pehle toh main ‘tumhare’ mein hi khush aur shocked tha, ki usne mujhe ’tumhare’ kyun karke bheja.

    Hum dono li jab last time baat hui thi usse pehle toh that time I was in Pushkar and Urvashi ka mere paas call aaya ki tum log akele akele chale jaate ho, koi poochta bhi nhn hai, maine bola theek hai next time main poochloonga. Maine bola ki theek hai, next time main poochlunga. Us time pe mujhe wo bol rahi thi ki tu akela chala gaya, mujhe toh poocha bhi nhn tune. So i was shocked ki ye ‘tu’ se ‘tumhare’ pe kaise aa gayi? Toh main toh pehle is baat pe shocked tha. Toh uske baad hum logon ki thodi sa chat aur conversation hua. Uske baad ek din hamare parents ne decide kia hum dono ko milwaane ka. Hum dono usse pehle mile nahi the. Main mere bhaiya nad meri bhabhi aur Urvashi apne father ke saath mein aayi thi, aur hum log mile the, but wahan pe bhi itna zyaada conversation nhn ho paaya tha, but uske baad hum dono ne uske baad kaafi time spend kiya, aur uske baad hum dono ek doosre se milte the, aur har sunday milte the. Aur jab boxes exchange hue the toh uske baad bhi aisa koi sunday nhn tha jab hum nhn mile hon. Aur wo sunday hamare liye special hua karta tha. Abhi bhi special hai sunday, jab hum log ek doosre ke saath time spend lartein hain. But jab shaadi se pehle har ek sunday, hum dono hi wait kiya karte the, ki sunday kab aaega, sunday kab aaega and wo speacial hua karta tha. So, Urvashi se milna main bachpan se chahta tha, but understanding jo hoti hai, jab humne milna styart kiya, mujhe exactly i can’t express actually, but mujhe kuch positive vibes feel hui. Ye positivity ki wajah se hi maine Urvashi ko bola ki I am ready !

    NITIN – Toh ye chota sa task hai, aapko batana padega ki wo paanch cheezein jo aapko Urvashi ke baare mein bahut bahut achi lagti hain aur wo teen cheezein jo aapko Urvashi ke baare mein bilkul bhi achi nhn lagti. Politically correct hone ki zaroorat nahi hai, be honest.

    SAURABH – waise toh mujhe Urvashi ki saari cheezein achi lagti hain, lekin jaise aapne bataya ki muhe paanch cheezein batani hain toh, un paanch cheezon mein uski smile hai, ukska khaana hai – wo kaafi acha khaana banati hai, uska caring nature hai, wo bahut care karti hai sabki, uska ek dedication hai aone kaam ko leke wo mujhe bahut acha lagta hai. Uska jo ek thought hai sabko saath mein leke chalne ka, meri family ko understand karne waala, usko apni family samjhne waala, ye cheez mujhe kaafi achi lagti hai. 

    Un teen cheezon ke baarein mein baat karien jo mujhe bilkul nhn pasand hain wo, Urvashi agar tum sun rahi ho toh dont take it otehrwise, aisa kuch bhi nhn hai, jo inhonein question poocha tha uska maine answer diya hai. Babak karna, jab bhi main drive karoon, wo bahut bak bak karti hai. Doosri uska bahut zyaada shopping karna, kyunki wo bahut zyaada shopping karti hai. And third wo raat ko bahut kharaate leti hai. Toh ye teen cheezain hain jo mujhe pasand nhn hain aur pasand hai.

    NITIN – Bahut achi baat hai Saurabh, you spoke from your heart. So just wanted to ask, how do you see yourself when you will be growing old? Urvashi will be cranky and you will be subtle, or completely opposite, just tell me how you want to see yourself with Urvashi over the period of time?

    SAURABH – I think us age mein main Urvashi ko aise hi dekhna chhata hoon, main Urvashi ka wahi bachpana dekhna chahunga jab hum dono hi boodhe ho jaaeinge, aur main bilkul yahi chahunga ki hum dono mein us time bhi wahi understanding ho wahi pyaar ho, bas thats it ! Aur wohi bachpan ho.

    NITIN – Thank you Saurabh, i think i was able to feel what you wanted to say, bachpan se leke aajtak jab ek kisi jane ko aap alag alag phase mein miltein hain aur jo cheezein hum bachpan mein feel karte hain aur jo cheezein hum aaj feel karte hain, kaise wo cheezein transform hoti hai, ye journey hi apne aap mein beautiful hai. All the best to you and Urvashi! I believe that your love will blossom, and thank you so much for being with us and sharing this special day of valentines. Thank you so much !

    NITIN – 

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