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    Indibaat | E012 # Love and Nurturement by Lovely Kukreja बात लवली के साथ

    Lovely Kukreja is a visual development artist with 14+ years of work experience in Visual Art Development, Concept Arts, Character and Background Designs. He has been successfully running his studio ‘White Mice Media‘ specialized in Content Development, Game Art & Character Designs, Allied Publications and Children Book Illustrations. In the podcast, he equalises love with nature, how love grows in a very natural environment in its own spirit without any interruption, with freedom. With freedom comes space and it’s equally important for a prosperous love life. He also shares how the connection is important in loving, be it with your work or a person.
    In his words ‘All these natural things need space, time in their own environment and my better half gives me that kind of environment that I can grow in a most natural way like a tree grows in a jungle.’


    LOVELY – Hi, I am Lovely and I am an artist by heart and innovativer by profession and a manager by choice. Since all the three things are different from each other, so I just try to make it a little bit clear, since the season of love is going on and I have been asked to dictate what love is for me? so as per my understanding of what I see what love is?

    I equalise love with freedom, its one’s personal perception. So love is a natural phenomenon, we have seen around us just like other natural things are there, they are all free. Be it wind, lakes, trees, they all grow in a very natural environment in their own spirit without any interruption and for their freedom. So for me love is like freedom only, and it needs to be nurtured in that way. This is love for me.

    NITIN – I think this is the most articulated version of love I have heard from all the people we have called in this Indibaat series.

    LOVELY – I just try to compare it with something which is most natural in a way, love is also created and inspired by nature. So we can definitely relate with it. And for the nurturement, we can go as per the rules set by nature only. So this is what I feel.

    NITIN – So Lovely, to know and discuss further about this whole feeling of love. I want to ask a very specific question, so how love helps in your work and passion?

    LOVELY – Love for anything makes me feel about it and makes me connect with it as an artist. As I said earlier, when I paint or when I write, so, I feel connected with anything I love. If I don’t love any particular thing or job, I won’t be able to perform in it. Whenever I paint I try to love the subject I am painting and I am sketching on. This is how love helps me in my own work.

    NITIN Further if I ask can you specify the role of the better half or role of somebody who is there in your life and how that one person can inspire you to do things that in general people can’t do. 

    LOVELY – Yeah, I will not go too much into the philosophy and give you a very crisp example, and will not be able to show you since we are on a podcast, actually my better half inspired to do a painting of Shiva and Parvati, when we were engaged. So it’s a very personal thing that I am going to share because I don’t think it should be spread out right now. So I tried to paint Shiva and Parvati in a very platonic love scene but I tried it many times, 5 or 6 years, I don’t know exactly, but it never turned out to be that emotionally connected to me or the audience out there. So when I was engaged and I was in those vibes, I was in those feelings, I could connect to it and I could paint it in a most natural and authentic way and to my surprise, it got the most virality till the date any of my paintings has got.

    NITIN – One of your best artworks in the world.

    LOVELY – It actually crossed more than 1.5 million views! So I feel that when you are connected with someone, it helps you feel inspired or to feel in such direction. You get the positive vibes. And if you are feeling positive about anything and you are feeling loved about anything, you put your heart and soul into that particular thing, whatever you are doing and whatever you are feeling. And that helps you grow!

    NITIN – Let me go a little bit more personal, your better half, does she allow you to follow your passion? 

    LOVELY – Yeah! She not only allows me but also pushes me!

    NITIN – BEcause passion does require a lot of compromise and sacrifice in personal life. 

    LOVELY – Yes! Definitely but in my case I am quite lucky to have a partner like that who always supports me and encourages me to do such things. She gives me space, she gives me time, like all-natural things. All these natural things need space, time in their own environment and my better half gives me that kind of environment that I can grow in a most natural way like a tree grows in a jungle. Because that’s the most vital thing in love, space!

    NITIN – I can’t agree more than that! I absolutely believe and I can understand what you are trying to say. One last question: Lovely in this conversation. People out there who are l;ooking for their better half and eventually are not able to find them, so what should they do ? Should they compromise? Or they should wait ? 

    LOVELY – That question is very much relatable to the people who are there in corporate life. The race is out there ! They are always encountered by this question, so in my case it happened like that, we got into a very calculative relationship. We didn’t fall in love with each other in the very first meeting. Yeah, we got attracted for sure, that’s the very first thing, our relationship was based on mutual understanding and compatibility and all those things. But when we actually pass through all the highs and lows, good and bad things, our relationship got converted into love. That’s how I see it and perceive it. So love grows naturally as I had said earlier, I am repeatedly saying that love grows in the most natural way and the most natural environment. You can’t love, you just be a part of it, voluntarily. It just happens.  

    NITIN – very well said Lovely, i believe that our audience can understand what you are saying

    LOVELY – Yeah, it’s a lifetime experience that one can have and enjoy. 

    NITIN – Alright Lovely thanks for being there with us, I truly feel that what you felt and what you experience, many of us can relate to it and eventually it will help  us in realising love is about growing old together !

    LOVELY – It’s my pleasure for giving me a call !

    NITIN – 

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