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    Indibaat | E010 # Top Recommended Movies for Valentine’s by Mahip बात महिप के साथ

    Looking for a book and finding a man? Notting Hill is a classic you must watch this Valentines!
    Like a martini, or a bowl of chilli, A Star Is Born is a staple that welcomes reinvention. All iterations of the film — including the latest, directed by Bradley Cooper and starring Cooper and Lady Gaga — sing the same tune, but each version has new variations on the theme, flourishes and inversions that reinterpret the old story. Maheep a stop motion animator, a film enthusiast talks about the different versions of the movie and the plot of the version 2018 where after falling in love with-struggling artist Alley, Jackson, a musician, coaxes her to follow her dreams, while he battles with alcoholism and his personal demons.
    Maheep also mentions the movie – ‘Japanese wife’ directed by Aparna Sen. A delicate – and improbable — love story about three gentle and shy souls. Over these letters, they fall in love and get married, despite having never met. He highly recommends these three movies, ‘watch and give love a different meaning this valentines’.


    MAHEEP – Hi, my name is Maheep, I am a stop motion animator and a film and a movie enthusiast.

    NITIN – So Maheep, I know you are well aware about why we are here, the season of love is going on and this is a platform where we ask everyone to share their experience and feelings about love, that’s why we call it pyaar ki paribhasha. How about you? What do you feel? What you want to share about love with our audience?

    MAHEEP – So valentine’s ka season hai, aur waise toh main itna romantic movies dekhna pasand hn karta, but there are still some movies that you can appreciate, not just with technical point of view but mujhe wo movies as a concept appreciate kar sakta hoon, aur main kuch suggestions aapko dena chah raha hoon, love se related movies ke baare mein. Aur I am sure you will find something that you will love!

    Usually main itna romantic movies itna prefer nahi karta kyunki they focus on the trope, jismein will they wont chalta rehta hai aur there is no underline flovour. And generally mujhe jo movies achi lagti hain, unmein kuch flavour hona chahiye aur main aapse un types ki movies ke baare mein baat karna chahta hoon.

    NITIN – So lets say like, the movies that you are recommending are having some artistic feel and they are just made with the subject of love!

    MAHEEP – Yes, definitely! So I will start with the risk that I have in my mind. 

    NITIN – So what’s the first film?

    MAHEEP – So the first film is, The star is born. It’s a 1937 film and i haven’t seen the first version, and they have made many alterations and many remakes. But I am talking about the 2018 one, directed by Bradely Cooper. And it’s a really sweet film, where a big musician falls in love with someone he just met and he’s very insecure about certain things but he’s also very talented musically. So then he tries to persuade her into getting serious with music and they fall in love and you know how their relationship builds up from there. And that is what the movie is all about.

    NITIN – So it’s about love & music?

    MAHEEP – Definitely !

    NITIN – What about the second film?

    MAHEEP – The second film is called Nottinghill, it’s a 1999 film, by Rodger Michael. So it’s a very heartfelt story about this actress who is busy in a shoot and she’s in incognito and meets an independent bookstore owner, and she falls in love with his simplicity. That’s where their relationship starts building upon and the movie also shows some effects of stardom and interesting things happen, so it’s definitely a worth watch. 

    NITIN – So Maheep all the movies which you like, are about two opposite corners of the society, one is the superstar and one is just a layman. 

    MAHEEP – Yeah it’s like overcoming obstacles like, there are certain things that there are certain stigmas that we feel, you can only love in a particular field or something but there is always like relationships happen.

    NITIN – That’s what people call it, opposite attracts. 

    MAHEEP – Yes, exactly.

    NITIN – What’s your third film?

    MAHEEP – The third film I want to talk about is called – Japanese Wife. It’s like an Indo-Japanese film, it’s by Aparna Sen, it’s slightly new. So the movie is about a Bengali man who makes ten palettes out of a Japanese woman. So those of you, who haven’t heard about the term called ten palettes, when you know people send letters without meeting them, so now we have WhatsApp and social media and its really easy, and that’s is why it’s. But Pen pal mein wo letters bhejte the aur kabhi kabhi photos bhejte the, aur uske alawa sab kuch likha hua hota tha aur bahot hi authentic hota tha.

    NITIN – What was the love thing in this film?

    MAHEEP – Yes, the Bengali man and the Japanese woman fall in love with each other, letters ke through and they get so close to each other that they marry each other. That is why the movie is called the Japanese wife.

    NITIN – Over the letters! That’s interesting, what about the fourth film?

    MAHEEP – Next movie jiske baare mein mein baat karna chahunga is –  La La Land, it’s very recent and has won many awards. The movie is a modern musical done right. They have found a way to make it very interesting and also have a heartfelt story behind it, where Sebastian falls in love with Mia, who is a struggling actress, both of them are trying to pursue their dreams. Sebastian is into Jazz music and Mia, as i said, is a struggling actor and how their relationship ends up in a good space and all that you will have to see the movie for!

    NITIN – Alright! How about the last one? 

    MAHEEP – So the last movie is a little bit out there. There is a friend’s movie, called ‘Blue is the warmest colour’ so anyone is interested in watching the movie with subtitles on, it’s really sweet. So it’s a simple movie about a young girl in school. It’s about self- discovery and how she falls in love with another woman and how her relationships happen.

    NITIN – Alright Maheep, I think that all the movies that you have recommended have a deep connection with the films and movies as a plot. It’s your forte. I really believe that people out there, who are from the film industry and really like watching some quality films with some subject and storyline. They will like your choices of films. Thank you for being there with us and helping and allowing people to celebrate Valentines in a very special way.

    MAHEEP -Thanks for having me.

    NITIN – 

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