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    Indibaat | Mera Junoon Meri Pehchaan by Nitin Jain & Rachna Ghiya बात नितिन, रचना के साथ

    Jaipur Creative Community is a platform that aims at the creators to grow and learners to learn creative skills. This project offers a blend of both, focusing the power of shared growth. It believes in sharing skills and learning from each other. Rachna is a co-founder at JCC and she shares that a creator can be anyone who is creating anything with his/her perception. Sharing can offer you ample opportunities to connect with learners who may want to learn more from you. It also establishes you as an expert in a particular creative skill. It also increases your reach as a creator and gives you an opportunity to connect with other creators. Thus creating a platform for sharing your creativity is the aim of Jaipur Creative Commune, the next series of Indibaat is based on some recommendable talents, capturing their stories behind their exceptional art.


    NITIN – Hi Rachna

    RACHNA – HI Nitin, kya haal chaal?

    NITIN – bas kahin na kahin kuch time apne passion ke liye nikaal leta hoon, Indibaat ek platform nhai jo maine start kiya hai is saal, the whole idea was to encourage people to communicate, toh jo pehla season start kiya tha wo tha Samvaad, jiske andar we encouraged people that why its important for people to talk. Phir second season jo humne abhi complete kiya hai, it was about love and many people from different age groups shared there experience about love. Tum batao? 

    RACHNA – Abhi maine Jaipur Creative Commune ke naam se ek community start kari, usmein creators aur learners hain. Art means anything you are creating with your own perspective in it. Humare paas bahut creative log hain , kuch bakers hain, kuch photographers hain. Wo jo subah sibah share karte haina toh wo energy ek dum differnet level ki hoti hai ki yaar log kuch na kuch banaa rahein hain aopni life mein. 

    NITIN – Rachna tum bhi apna passion follow kar rahi ho.

    RACHNA – Haan I think, wo hi sabhi ko karna chahiye apni life mein. Woh ek alag hi khushi deta hai. 

    NITIN – Bhaut hi interesting cheez kar rahi ho apni life mein aur I think it’s more about people, who express themselves in the form of art and it could be anything. So why not blend it and create a new season of indibaat, with the creators of Jaipur Creative Commune.

    RACHNA – Yeah why not! Sounds like an idea.

    NITIN – Baat karenge toh baat banegi. At the end of the day, when they go home, after doing whatever they are doing and they feel some satisfaction, ki yaar karke acha laga. It’s just that those people who are passionate about what they do, they need to be recognised someday. Kyunki ek jana agar band kamre mein baith kar kaam kar raha hoga toh use kaun jaane? Toh I think here, we can collab with the creators of the Jaipur Creative Commune and I really hope that it will encourage those people to have there own voice.

    Indibaat ka agla adhyay hai sirf creators ke naam, bas jo man ko lagta tha acha, junoon inka, bana inki pehchaan. Baking, clicking, writing aur painting, sab mein chupe hain kuch na kuch rang, jo nikhareinge humare saath !

    वो कहते है ना, बात करेंगे तो बात बनेगी…
    Indibaat : आपकी बात आपके साथ


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