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    How To Cope-Up With Your Family Member Being COVID Positive

    So, a neighbor of our’s tested COVID positive yesterday, she lives with her husband, three houses down the street. Due to mild symptoms, she is home quarantined in her 3BHK with her husband. The father of two has asked us to keep the children since they are not negative and it won’t be good if they are kept near their mother. Indi’s mother first broke down at the news of someone being positive in our lane. She loves all our neighbors and especially the infected lady. Both of them have been kitty party friends and then have become best friends. 

    Seeing the state of my wife, I couldn’t help but think about how someone is going to cope if their close one’s tested positive. Not only, it is a state of confusion but also of emotional turmoil. I have the husband go to each and every door with the kids begging for help. He couldn’t send the kids back to their grandparents or any relative because they live in another state. We were his only hope. In times like these, it might feel that I am preaching but making yourself emotionally, financially, and physically fit is important. 

    Let us understand, how to cope up if your close one tests Coronavirus positive:

    1. Understand that s/he is more scared than you

    Yes, it is a difficult time for you. You are anxious and scared, but the infected person is more scared than anyone in the family. Not only is the person on the verge of losing everything but also is scared to infect it’s loved ones. Don’t start thinking resentfully, rather talk it out. You are not supposed to go close to them, but you can give them a hug virtually, your words are what you need now. 

    But with an emotional hurricane in your mind, it’s advised that you shouldn’t keep things to yourself. Reach out to someone and talk to them, about your emotions. 

    1. It’s a situation in which you are squeezed between the infected and the society

    You have to don your empathetic shoes. You are expected to be by the side of your close one, showing your love, support, and care. But, you will also have to face anxious neighbors, relatives, and acquaintances. Not to scare you off, but the reaction of society is mostly negative when someone is infected by the deadly virus. Remember, that they are just anxious about getting infected. It is a tightrope on which you have to walk son. Communication skills and empathy are your saviors. 

    1. Don’t forget yourself

    While juggling between the patient and the society, try to think of yourself too. You shouldn’t get your work, or daily routine get affected. Instead of going to the gym, you can work out at home. You aren’t supposed to lose yourself in the process of taking care of others. 

    1. Take a Break

    You have been doing good, taking care of the COVID positive family member, and shielding them from the negativity of the society. And it is not selfish to take a break for yourself. Even if you can’t go out, you can visit your friends virtually. Spend some time doing leisure activity and charge yourself up for the next battle.

    You are strong, you are doing a great job. If you feel worried or anxious it’s always good to reach out for professional help. 


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